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Uncle Al's Burnt Kielbasa
Dad started taking this dish exclusively to the tailgate in the 1970s.  I once told him that the kielbasa might have been called “burnt” in the 70’s, but in the 80’s it was “blackened” and in the 90’s it was “caramelized”.  Now that we’ve entered the 21st Century, I suppose we’re back to “burnt”.

The recipe is simple but the actual charring of the links is critical to achieving the true experience.

Hillshire Farm Kielbasa

Grill the Kielbasa (on charcoal or propane) until charred on all sides.  Remove from grill.  If grilling at the game, transfer to dish.  If not grilling at the game, wrap in aluminum foil and leave in warming oven until leaving for game.

Cut into pieces approximately 1 – 1-½ inches & stick with toothpicks.  Serve alongside dipping mustard.  Also yummy when dipped in Chuck’s Cheese sauce (as are most things).

The "beverage" is an vital part of the tailgating experience.