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Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume I Issue 1

Dual Diesel Tailgate 1

November 1st, 2003
Know your tailgaters
Tailgating coordinator
Big Diesel Driver
Big Diesel Driver
Rob Chris Duck Chad
"Penn State is my happy place." "Thanks for coming out,
thanks for playing our game."
"You look like a man without"
without what?
"without a beer"
Are you excited about 14.6 liters of diesel tailgating power?
"Oh, HELL YEAH!!!"

Official quote:

"You 'bout to find out!"

You couldn't ask for better weather for the first dual diesel tailgate (DDT1). The tailgate officially started at 7:45 am with the raising of our new 16' flagpole. The early morning diesel enthusiasts were ushered to tailgating lot 13 with open windows and a warm 70 temperature. The morning crew consisted of Chris, Duck, Carter, Big Will, Adam, Chad, Scott and myself.

DDT1 was a weekend of reunions. Oz drove all the way in from Chicago. Redneck Chad brought his "extreme flair" PowerStroke Diesel in from West Virginia. The biggest reunion was one I didn't expect. When we arrived, I recognized one of the guys who parked 3 cars down from us. It was Vaughn, my tailgating mentor. During my days as a student, Vaughn and company showed me how to tailgate properly. The next home game will be the 180th consecutive tailgate for him and his crew, so you can say they know a thing or two about it. PSU vs. OSU tailgate

Grillmaster Chris was on the job with his propane and propane accessories, including his man-killing spatula. Eggs were coming off the grill in short order. Duck, the Beermaster, stepped up the tailgate quickly by making sure everyone had a beer in hand. He would say, "you look like a man without," to which you might respond, "without what?" "Without a beer," he would say as you promptly received an open beer.

The first pitch in game of polish horses was a ringer (a 3 point score). Our fellow tailgater Chrissy later renamed it "deep piping." Everyone enjoyed this game that Chris and I didn't invent, but perfected.

Lunch time brought the Grillmaster out in force. We had plenty of burgers, hotdogs, sausage, bratwurst and Tex Mex Chili. My special recipe burgers disappeared fast, because, let's face it, everyone loves my meat. ;-) I'll be sure to bring many more for next time.

Carter brought up Steve, Kendra, Jorge, his sister Beth and the girls next door (GND's); Sarah, Shelly, Heidi. The GND's were the early morning crew from mudfest, otherwise known as the Homecoming tailgate. For that, we salute the GND's. Chris's old roommates Mike, Roger and Shawn came with Ben, Carrie and Anne Marie. My friends Brianne and Claudia also paid us a visit before game time. SEAWOLF Class Submarine and PSU

Penn State Ohio State
20 21
I'm not going to talk much about game. We all know who the real victors were. Penn State was winning the game for 58 of 60 minutes. The boys were finally playing Big Ten Football. The (overrated) Buckeyes just happened to get lucky.

The Marburger's joined us for some post game tailgating. We fired up the grill again and partied 'til the camper people went to sleep. There was plenty of polish horseshoes, dancing and even arm wrestling in the dark. We were even joined by Vaughn. He was very proud of the tailgate we'd put together. I'm proud to say we were the last people to leave lot 13 at 12:30 am. That's 16 full hours!

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to show their Penn State pride and 37 pieces of Penn State flair. You helped to make DDT1 an amazing success. Please spare a moment and send me you favorite quotes and memories from DDT1. Be sure to check out all of the photos in the [03 Nov] gallery. Unfortunately, I found a large finger print on the lens when I got home, so that explains the blur in the center of all of the photos. Email me if you need the password.

I'm already looking forward to DDT2 during the Blue-White game on April 24th, 2004. Hope to see you there.

For the Glory,


My favorite response to DDT1:

Thank you for inviting me, I had one hell of a time. The entire weekend was awesome. I'm looking forward to DDT2 as if it was Christmas. That was my first ever tailgate (sad, I know) and it set some really high expectations for any future tailgates. Who knows, I'm looking into getting a new vehicle, and after spending the weekend with the two of you, maybe a diesel truck, but then you'd have to change the name to Triple Diesel Tailgating. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the invite and let you know I had a great time.

-Adam, aka "Big Will's Friend"

PS - I'm working on adding to the PSU Flair.

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume I Issue 0


October 4th, 2003

The first official tailgate with my new truck during homecoming 2003 was marked by mud... lots of mud. It was maybe 45 degrees when we got to tailgating lot 13. Gotta love picking up the parking pass the day before. The truck was jammed full of people. The morning crew consisted of Duck, Carter, Caitlyn, the GND's (Sarah, Shellie and Heidi), Chris and myself.


The grill was out early for eggs and grilled stickies. For the first time ever, we had more chairs than people. By about 8 AM, a steady rain started that turned the fields into pure mud. ME Chad had come up from Florida and made an appearance in his trashbag raincoat. The booze clowns finally appeared around 11, since they weren't prepared for the weather.

Penn State Wisconsin
23 30

The badgers were as unkind to the our boys on the field as the weather was to us. The rain let up around half time, but that was enough to scare off our non-ticket holding tailgaters.

We returned to the tailgate to find the lanes between the rows were muddy ruts. A tow truck had spun tires and coated the side of my truck was chunks of mud. It was a mess. Many vehicles, including one large Dodge truck, couldn't actually make it out of the parking lot. We busted out the grill again when the Marburger's stopped by. While it was much colder and windier, we had a blast.

group shot

For the Glory,


Polish Horseshoes Rules

Chris and I have constructed a more portable version of the farmiliar favorite. The game is played with large steel washers instead of actual horseshoes, hence "polish" horseshoes.

  1. You must have a beer in hand at all times.
  2. You must have a beer in hand at all times.
  3. Opponents alternate throwing 5 washers per round
  4. A washer in the box or on the rail counts for 1 point
  5. A washer in the pipe scores 3 points. Opponents and anyone watching must drink.
  6. Whoever scores the most points in the last round throws first in the next round
  7. The game is played to 21 and the winner must win by 2 points.
  8. The distant between "pits" is adjustable depending on scoring.
the target SSN 21

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