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2018 Tailgate schedule
Date Game Game time Size Arrival Day Theme Equipment
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Sept 29, 2018 Ohio State TBA RV Friday A hobbit's Oktoberfest - the shire meets Bavaria. With all 3 breakfasts. OSU equipment list - RV lot 19
Oct 13, 2018 Michigan St (Homecoming) 3:30 RV Thursday A Child’s Adventure, to the moon and back!!! Featuring both literary and culinary classics from childhood. AND we’ll be hosting a book drive, so be sure to bring some of your favorites! Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Oct 20, 2018 at Indiana TBA RV Friday Best of PSU Email Rob for info - Bloomington, IN
Oct 27, 2018 Iowa TBA car Saturday Harry potter- magical British fare/Halloween Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Nov 10, 2018 Wisconsin TBA car Saturday Little house of the Prairie - rustic, home-cooking Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Nov 24, 2018 Maryland TBA car Saturday Mastering the Art of Great Tailgating, Volume 2. Join us for some French favorites inspired by the great Julia Child. Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897

Planning stuff that doesn't change for each tailgate
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Future Big Tailgate schedule
  • 2019 TBD: Yuengling 190th birthday tailgate
  • 09-14-2019 PSU vs Pitt
  • 09-02-2023 PSU vs WVU
  • 08-31-2024 PSU at WVU

Current football schedule

About Us

We are:

  • RV tailgaters that join forces with 2thelion tailgate for 2+ PSU home games per year plus the Blue/White game in the spring.
  • tailgate with 2thelion tailgate for the remaining home tailgates
  • an opponent, guest, kid, parent and dog friendly tailgate.
  • located in the Overnight RV lot 19 with 2-3+ RVs for big tailgate.
  • at Penn State from Thursday to Sunday during our big tailgate weekends.
  • using online invitations to send reminders about the tailgates. Email email me if you're not on our list.
  • occasionally seen at away games.


  • 2010 Rob is Fan of the Game for the Temple tailgate.
  • 2009 We were sponsored by Yuengling for our Pounderfest tailgate for Yuengling's 180th Birthday.
  • 2008 Alumni Tailgate Competition Winners - Best Decorations
  • 2008 Coleman/Camping World All Star Tailgate Team Photo Contest! Winner Most unusual tailgating display
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2 The Lion - Our sister tailgate. They tailgate all PSU home games and the occasional away game.


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