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2017 Tailgate schedule
Date Game Game time Size Arrival Day Theme Equipment
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3 PM car Friday Big Bang Theory BWW Equipment list - TBA
09-02-2017 Akron Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA
09-09-2017 Pittburgh Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA
09-16-2017 Georgia State Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA
09-30-2017 Indiana Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA
10-21-2017 Michigan Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA
11-11-2017 Rutgers (Homecoming) Tba RV TBA TBA Email Rob for info RV info RV Lot 19
11-18-2017 Nebraska Tba car TBA TBA Email Rob for info - TBA

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About Us

We are:

  • RV tailgaters that join forces with 2thelion tailgate for 2+ PSU home games per year plus the Blue/White game in the spring.
  • tailgate with 2thelion tailgate for the remaining home tailgates
  • an opponent, guest, kid, parent and dog friendly tailgate.
  • located in the Overnight RV lot 19 with 2-3+ RVs for big tailgate.
  • at Penn State from Thursday to Sunday during our big tailgate weekends.
  • using online invitations to send reminders about the tailgates. Email email me if you're not on our list.
  • occasionally seen at away games.


  • 2010 Rob is Fan of the Game for the Temple tailgate.
  • 2009 We were sponsored by Yuengling for our Pounderfest tailgate for Yuengling's 180th Birthday.
  • 2008 Alumni Tailgate Competition Winners - Best Decorations
  • 2008 Coleman/Camping World All Star Tailgate Team Photo Contest! Winner Most unusual tailgating display
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2 The Lion - Our sister tailgate. They tailgate all PSU home games and the occasional away game.


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