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RV Page

From our humble begins with only 2 Diesel pickups, we have graduated to RVs. Our convoy consists of as many as 8 RVs, although we've only had as many as 6 at a single game.

This page consists of information for

  1. RV drivers - meeting places, times and info for the RV drivers
  2. RVs guests - if you're staying in one of our RVs for the weekend
  3. Our RVs - Photos of our RVs
  4. renting an RV - If you're considering renting an RV for the weekend. You don't even need to drive it!
  5. hotel rooms - How and when to reserve a hotel room in State College, PA

RV Drivers


The tailgate is in the day lot for BWW. This is the 2nd year that we've had to have a pass and pay for BWW RV parking.


  • Arrival = Friday 8 PM
  • Meeting point = Suz's house
  • Final Location = Lot 19


This is the first year that we've had to have a pass and pay for BWW


  • Arrival = Friday 7 PM
  • Meeting point = old eat n park in the Walmart plaza
  • Final Location = Lot 19


This is the first year that we had to buy season passes. The spots were enlarged by 30+%. The addtiional $50 upfront cost was redeemable when arriving on Friday at the lot.


  • Arrival = Friday 6 PM
  • Meeting point = TBA
  • Final Location = Lot 19


  • Arrival = Thursday evening
  • Meeting point = Suz's place
  • Final Location = Lot 19

  • Dump Stations Map of PA
    The nearst RV dump station to State college is Fort Bellefonte Campground
    2023 Jacksonville Rd
    Bellefonte, PA 16823
    email: info@ftbellefonte.com
    Ph: (814) 355-9820
    Fee for 2009 = $20
  • Flying J RV loyalty club 1% off fuel and other discounts

    RV Guests

    If there's space avaialable, we may have room for guests in the RVs. We operate on a "first ask, first considered" policy. Just because you stayed with us last game, it don't automatically give you a spot for the next game. Family of the owner are generally given prority. RV owners reserve the right to bump you from your spot for any reason, but that rarely occurs.

    Regular Season Home games

    Due to logistical problems in 2011, you need to pay in advance if you're staying in the RVs. No pay, no stay. Often, I'm bringing my RV solely because I have guests. I spend the better part of the week cleaning up the RV from the previous week and getting it ready for the next, so last minute changes are very disrepectful of my time and effort.

    • 2015 Fee: $60/person/Friday-Sunday. Due to the fee increase in 2015, we typically aren't spending Thursday night in the RV lot. Talk to your RV driver about Thursday arrangements and fees.

      Depending on the RV's sleeping arrangements, couples may cost less. (Typically $90/couple/weekend, subject to change) This helps to cover parking fees, propane, generator fuel, dump fees. This does not include fuel costs to get the RV to State college.

    • Support vehicle parking - Parking passes for support vehicles are $30/weekend and can be obtained from the RV shed. Parking is in Lot 18, which is located at the corner of Orchard Rd and Wiley Ln. You park there and then get a pass from the attendants at the RV shed. Cash only.
    • What to bring: Towels, bedding (sheets/blankets or sleeping bag and pillow), car charger for your phone (car chargers work in Rob's RV).

    Blue-white games

    For all past BWW games, there are no parking fees. Starting in 2015, there is a fee for RVs.

    • Fee: $30/person/weekend (subject to change) This helps to cover propane, generator fuel, dump fees, etc. This does not include fuel costs to get the RV to State college.
    • Support vehicle parking - Parking passes for support vehicles are not required. but the lot is different BWW 2011 car parking
    • What to bring: same as normal home games.

    Away Games

    RV parking passes need to be purchased ahead of time, so a paid deposit is required to stay in the RVs for away games. The amount that we charge varies based on the parking fees. Support vehicle parking varies. Ask me earlier if you want to go.

    If you paid and cannot come:

    • More than 1 month before your stay: I will help you to find someone to take over your part of the reservation. If I can find someone else, you can get your deposit back.
    • Less than 1 month before your stay: You must find someone to take your part of the reservation or you forfeit your deposit. If I find someone to take your place, you forfeit your deposit.

    Our RVs


    Grey Wolk (Pack)

    Chad's new RV

    Chris and Kara

    Matt F


    RV Rental

    I have no personal experience with these companies. If you rent an RV from them, they park it in the lot for you (and even stock the fridge). All you do is show up.

    Hotel Reservations

    I do NOT book hotels anymore. If you want to make your own hotel reservations, They need to be made and paid in full before the end of January. You can find a full listing of PSU hotels at State college.com's on-line reservations.

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