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The links below will take you to the newsletters from our past tailgates.

We started doing this back in 2003, slightly after many of us graduated. Back then, it was just couple of pick-up trucks, a pile of beer, and a ton of people. Many of us were living in Connecticut and commuting in 6 hours, so most of the weekends started on Thursday night to make the trip worth it. I decided to start writing down a summary of what happened at each tailgate, so I could share it with people who couldnít attend and so that I could reminisce over the spring and summer. Back then, we only tailgated 2 home games and BWW in the spring. At the time, I just said that I was writing it down so that I remember it 5 years from now. Even that was 5 years ago.

Now, in 2020 weíve got a handful of RVs in our convoy. Many of us have moved back into PA. The RV weekends are still just as long, even though we donít have to drive as far. Iíve now got season tickets, so Iím in for all home games.
Past tailgates
2021 BWW
2020 Virtual MSU, Virtual Indiana, Virtual BWW
2019 Rutgers Indiana Michigan Purdue(HC) @Maryland Pitt Idaho BWW19
2018 Maryland Wisconsin @Indiana Homecoming (MSU) OSU Kent St @Pitt BWW
2017 Nebraska Rutgers at MSU Michigan Indiana Georgia St Pittsburgh BWW
2016 MSU Iowa At Purdue OSU Homecoming Minnesota Temple At Pitt BWW
2015 Michigan Illinois Indiana Army SDS Rutgers BWW
2014 MSU Temple Maryland Ohio State At Michigan Homecoming Umass Akron Ireland BWW
2013 Nebraska Purdue Illinois @OSU Homecoming Kent State UCF E.Mich BWW
2012 Wisconsin Indiana Tosu Homecoming Temple Navy @ Virginia Ohio U BWW
2011 Ticket City Bowl Nebraska Illinois Homecoming Iowa E.Mich Bama Indy St BWW
2010 MSU Indiana @ OSU Homecoming Temple @ Bama BWW
2009 Too County Pounderfest BWW09
2008 tOSU Homecoming for the Holidays Beaver-Fest BWW08
2007 Buckeye Blast Umass Wisco Notre Lame BWW07
2006 Americana Oktoberfest BWW06
2005 Homecoming-ween UConn DDT5 DDT4
2004 DDT3 HC4 DDT2
2003 DDT1 Mudfest

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