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Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 7



Official quote:

"It's snowing!"

Michigan State was the final send off for the Penn State Seniors and our final tailgate of the 2010 season. It's very fitting that it snowed for this game. What a change from the previous 2 weeks, in which tailgaters were lucky enough to watch the game in short sleeves.

This gameday began at 0645 when redneck Chad and his Dad picked me up on the way to the stadium. Going to this game was supposed to a surprise birthday present for Chad's dad, but the surprise was given away once they picked me up.

The flurries fell from the sky, reducing visibility on the drive around Interstate 80. After picking up Tim at Wal-mart, we arrived promptly in State College at about 1030. A short walk to green lot let us join up with Madeline, Suzanne, Larry and Carol. Oz and Andy were also in town and enjoying some hot cider and some steak chili.
Official Stats
Guests: 10
temp: 32

Unfortunately, the noon kick off didn't give us much time to chat about the game before it was time to head into the stadium one last time this season. The students were still at home for Thanksgiving, as the student section barely got more than half full. Section NLU was mostly empty as well.

It was only a tad warmer inside the stadium as the sea of fans helped to block the wind. The Spartans took the lead in the 1st quarter. The Lions could only muster a field goal during the first quarter. The Lions remained helpless as the score continued to climb in favor of MSU. Most fans started to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter with the score 3-21. Those who left missed the Lion's offense scoring 19 points during the 4th quarter. Sadly, it wasn't enough to get the "W."

Post game, we ventured back out to the tailgate to warm up. Even the best insulated Lions were chilled and the wind outside the stadium didn't help. We heated up some Show-me pulled chicken sandwiches. We also had roast beef and egg pop-overs. Luckily, it didn't take much to keep the frosty beverages cold.
Penn State MSU
22 28

As the sun quickly set, we reminisced about

  • How great the pig roast was the previous week.
  • How the combination of Diesel Tailgate and 2the Lion began when we met at the MSU tailgate back in 2004.
  • How I tailgated in 100 degree weather (in Alabama) at the beginning of the season and ended it by tailgating in snow.
  • How much fun it will be to do it all again next year.

Around 5:30, it was time for everyone to make their way home.

Thanks for a great season,
-Rob, Coordinator

Rob's note: when 2010 is over, I will seen games at the 2,3,4,5 and 12th largest football stadiums in the country during this year. For the record, that's Beaver, Neyland, Ohio, Denny-Bryant Stadium, and FedEx Field.
Planning for MSU

Arrival = Saturday AM

Location: Same as Temple. Green Lot #1960

More info to follow, this will be a small tailgate.

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 6



Official quote:

"We want the pig!"

This tailgate got its start about 15 months ahead of game day, when Indiana announced it was moving its home game for 2010 to the neutral FedEx Field in Landover, MD.


Our tailgate experience began around 1:00pm when Rob, Matt, Kori and Mocha met up with Rich, Janelle, Chris and Kara at a Wal-mart in Landover, MD. Once there, we discussed our game plan and headed on over to the stadium. We were the 8th and 9th RV to enter the lot.

The parking lot attendants told us to park where ever we wanted. We picked an end spot next to the D62 light post to give ourselves plenty of space and room to cook the pig. After setting up shop, Rich, Rob and Chris decided to take the tricycles and go talk to some of the neighbors. Once they returned, we grilled up some pulled chicken while we finished some last minute set-ups.

Chris and Kara left, and went to Jessie's. Around 7:00 PM we met up with them at Bobby McKeys piano bar in National Harbor. It was the bar's 2nd birthday, so there was no cover charge. We ate some appetizers and drank $6 Lagers. We even heard a few "We Are" chants, which is always exciting.
Official Stats
Guests: 50
RVs: 2
Pigs roasts: 1
lbs of meat: 90+ *
* new record

The players were very talented and even playing Rob's request "country roads" first. They also played our other requests as well. These included, Piano Man, Taking Care of Business, Don't Stop Believing and a few others. It was a great start to an awesome tailgate weekend.


Rob got up at 7 AM to meet Rick and get all of the pig gear. We proceeded to set up the pig right next to the road. Eventually, the rest of the crew awoke and helped with the morning set up. There were priceless looks and comments that we got from all the people walking and driving by our tailgate. An abundance of people stopped to take pictures of the pig during the prep as well as when it was on the spit. Once the pig was finally on the spit, we did a group toast of Jager bombs that Jason brought. I wish we could have had a video camera to capture the experience.

After a little while, Caitlyn and Danny brought their 2 week old daughter, Addison, for a visit during the morning. This is the youngest baby we've had at a tailgate. She was all bundled up, but did have on her PSU flair for her very first Diesel Tailgate Experience.

After all the set up was complete and people were relaxing, we set up chairs next to the pig so we could watch the people photograph, comment about and gawk at our the pig roast. I Wish I would have written down some of the comments I've heard. One in particular that sticks out is when a group of girls walked by, one yelled "Vegan" and her friend make the puking noise. Another comment which sticks out is actually our Quote of this letter. A school bus full of students drove by yelling out, "We want the Pig!"

It was a noon game, so people headed into the stadium. The group of us sat in the sun on the north side of the stadium. It was almost too hot for long sleeves. The one good thing was that you could buy beer in the stadium, so that helped us stay cool. FedEx field wasn't 100% full, but
Penn State Indiana
41 24
the majority of people in attendance were PSU fans. Penn State pulled an early lead, but let it slip into a tie game by the 3rd quarter. During the final quarter, PSU finally stepped on the gas to pull away from the Hoosiers. Final score: 41-24. Indiana remains the only Big 10 team to never beat Penn State

After returning from the game, we took the group picture around the pig. There were some tailgaters there that we didn't even know. Then Rick started to carve up the pig, while we cooked and fried more food. There were perogies with butter and onions, pasta with sauce, a bacon explosion, along with an abundance of deep fried goodness. We even had the Police and Fireman stopp by the tailgate to eat some of the pork. They really appreciated it.

Rob and Denise were racing tricycles until they were replaced by the kids from next door. People started to clean out of the lots early, as it was dark by 5:15 PM. We turned on the propane fireplace by 6 PM. The girls, decided to hang out in the RV and watch a Christmas movie, while the guys sat by the fireplace and continue drinking. After a few hours, Greta and her friend joined us while we did shots of Jack, Jager, and Four Loka. We closed up shop at midnight


We woke up around 8 AM. It was still warm enough for no jacket. Most campers had left on Saturday, so there were only a few RVs left. We began operation clean up as soon as possible and ended up with the largest pile of garbage ever. Everyone was hitched up and ready to go by 9:15 A.M.

It was a successful last large, tailgate of the year. We are definitely looking forward to BWW 2011, which I believe is the weekend of April 16th, due to the fact that Easter is the following weekend.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief
Away game: planning for Indiana

Arrival = Friday AM

RVs = 3

Equipment list
stuff to bring
$ donatations
RV Lodging
Places to stay & RV parking info
Landover, MD Weather Maps
Where we are
How to find us
Desktop Tailgate Countdown

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 5



Official quote:

"I may have hurt my shoulder, but at least I didn't spill my beer."

It wasn't originally in the plans to go to Columbus this year. Before I moved, I put in a request for tickets with the Knoxville Chapter of the PSU Alumni Association. About a month before game day, I got an email asking if I still wanted tickets. Yes, I do!

Step 1 for this tailgate was finding people to go. That wasn't hard at all. Step 2 was figuring out where to park. When we visited Columbus 2 years ago, we did the "day of game parking" This year, I wanted to get the full experience and take the RVs. Finding info was tough, because I didn't find out about the tickets until well into the season. Ohio State fans are rowdy enough that they don't let people park overnight near the stadium. I was able to find parking at the Ohio State fairgrounds.


Matt F decided to bring his RV too. We all decided that it was best to arrive Friday night. Tim and I drive in from Pittsburgh and met Pops, Shannon just after 8 PM. They brought along Steve and Eva, who were OSU grads. As promised, the Ohio State fairgrounds had full hook up (i.e. no generators necessary) and was almost empty. The drive was super easy as it was all Interstate highways. Matt and Andrea arrived shortly thereafter and we stayed in their RV and caught up.

After setting up, Tim and I headed to Labambas for a Burrito as big as your head. It was a short walk to campus. State College used to have a Labambas, but it closed back in 2002. The burritos were just as good as I remembered. It was still oddly warm for November. Tim and I caught a cab to meet Mandy and Erin downtown at Brother's Bar. The place was packed with people and we met some new friends. Mandy gave us a lift back to the RVs. Matt fired up the fireplace to stay warm while he stayed back at the RVs for the evening.


The morning was cool as we finished setting up gear and cooking breakfast. The sun was out and it started getting warm. Other than our crew, there were only maybe 9 RVs in the lot. Erin baked up a ton of stuff, including peachy Paterno cupcakes and blue & white buckeye balls. Mandy, Erin, the Chalupa and I grabbed some baked goods and headed off to meet the neighbors. Everyone was very nice, but it didn't take long to meet everyone in the lot. Tim spotted a giant dirt pile nearby, which we jokingly said was the highest peak in Ohio. As part of our great tailgating tradition (see BWW 08), we climbed the dirt pile. Unfortunately, we lost Mandy on the side of the dirt pile.
Official Stats
Guests: 15
RVs: 2
Hook ups: full
Dogs: 3

Bill and his buddy, Bob, dropped in to join the party. They was on their way to the Jets vs. Cleveland game the next day and they were glad to be able to join us for a little PSU tailgating during the road trip.

Mandy's old roommate, Heather and friends stopped by shortly before the group photo. When it was time to take the group photo, it was warm enough for short sleeves.

For lunch, we grill up sausage and peppers and bacon cheddar burgers. Around 2, we finished up grilling and headed over to the stadium. Our seats were nearly identical to two years ago. Seats were good, the game wasn't.

Earlier in the week, I got to meet John Black. He's the author of the Football Letter. The first paragraph is his weekly letter said it best,

"The thin slice of fans above the Penn State Blue Band in the northeast corner of Ohio Stadium Saturday loved the first half. The rest of the Horseshoe crowd loved the second, as the No. 8 Buckeyes bounced back from a 14-3 halftime deficit to a 38-14 victory and joined Michigan State and Wisconsin at the top of the Big Ten standings."

In our post game depression, we headed back to the tailgate. The evening was still warm while we cooked dinner. Pops fried up some fish just like at Alabama. As the evening progressed, but sat and watched more football on the flat screen. Sunday
Penn State Ohio State
14 38

It was still warm on Sunday as we packed up. The campground also made it very easy for us, as we were able to dump tanks before even hitching up. We hit the road before 9. The drive back to Pittsburgh was rainy.

Overall, this was a great tailgate. The campground setup made it very easy to tailgate, even if it lacked a bit on the game day atmosphere. I'd got back next year even if I didn't have game tickets.

For the Glory,


Lessons learned

  • Cell Phones are very unreliable before, during and after major sporting events. Cell networks aren't designed to handle an extra 100,000 people. Make plans before hand with meeting points and times. Use the phone as a backup, not the only plan.
  • Avoid I-70 through downtown Wheeling, WV. It's only 1 lane through the tunnel.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating coordinator

Away game: planning for Ohio State

Arrival = Friday Night

No evite for this one. Email email me if you are going

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 4

Homecoming 10


Official quote:

"It Burns the Tip"

Delightful is the word the Accuweather forecast used to describe the weekend's weather. With the exception of the game itself, delightful was an excellent word to describe the entire weekend.


The RV convoy met at Sam's club around 6:00 to start the convoy into the overnight parking lot. The crew was totally perplexed when they were presented with end row spots. They said earlier in the week "we don't need a site plan for the end row, because we'll never get an end row spot." Well, it was their lucky day. After setting up shop, they headed to the Darkhorse for Yuengs and Wings. They met some Budlight girls and then headed to College Pizza for their late night snack. On the way home, they of course stopped at the pigs. The night is never complete, until the pigs are ridden.


We woke up to a beautiful warm day at the campers and Tim supplied the crew with breakfast. They caught the shuttle to the Family Clothesline to do some flair shopping. Jessie won most of the trivia questions on the way. We walked around downtown for a while and the guys swarmed on the football buttons at Citizens Bank like a pack of old ladies at the bargain bin. Once back at the campers, we grilled up some chicken. We finished in time to head down to Shortlidge to watch the parade. There was a pink cement mixer this year, but no Octocycle. After the parade, we headed to the Saloon to watch Velveeta. There was even a crazy jacket guys there.
Official Stats
Guests: 65
RVs: 4

Jamie, Kyle, Aidan and Janelle arrived into town about 11:00 that night. Jamie and Janelle greeted us all, as we arrived back at the campers.


We woke up to another warm day. Our normal routine was thrown off by the earlier game time. We had breakfast and then it was time to head into the game. Some of the people started coming back to the tailgate much earlier than normal. Our food theme this year was tour of PA foods. We had chips form around the commonwealth, tastykakes, Pagach from Scranton (Slovak: perogie filling inside of dough), Fat Chick sandwiches from Jimmy Z's in Erie, sausage grillers from Q-town. We had two deep fryers going and even tried deep frying a whoopie pie (moon pie). We also had a PSU blue liquor bucket, which was given in shot form through a turkey baster.
Penn State Illinois
13 33

Jessie was awarded a new apron, equipped with mustard and Ketchup squeeze bottles, plasticware and napkin holder and special pockets just for her. We had a baby jail set up for Aidan, so he could enjoy the tailgating atmosphere as well. Later in the day, we had tricycle races. It was a huge success. Our group photo was even in the bright sun. As evening approached, it definitely cooled down and we cranked up the fireplace and propane heater. We all sat around and played an interesting game of BUZZ!


We woke up to what looked like a big frat party. Tim made us more breakfast muffins while we cleaned up the mess. We all headed home around 11:00.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

Rob's favorite email from Homecoming:

hi Rob,

Paul and I really enjoyed the tailgate on Saturday...it was our first one and it was great craic . everyone was so welcoming:)
-Laura (from Ireland)

2010 Homecoming list d
planning for Homecoming

Arrival = Thursday

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stuff to bring
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RV Lodging
Places to stay & RV parking info
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Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 3



Official quote:

"Awhhh Chalupa! I'll keep him safe for you during the game"

Temple was our first attempt at a small tailgate and it worked well. Planning for this tailgate only began in early August when we realized we all had time off for another PSU trip. The overall plan emerged to bring 2 RVs but to use the tailgating wagon and dead body cooler to join Madeline and Suzanne on the pavement for game day.


Rob and Matt arrived with Rob's RV to meet Chris, who drove down from CT to meet them around 7pm. They were maybe the 12th camper in the lot and set up the camper in quick order. The lot attendants were stepping up generator policy enforcement (GPE) because they handed out a flyer specially citing portable generators like ours.

After some quick photos at the JoePa statue, Matt, Rob and Chris headed down to the Darkhorse for Yuengs and Wings. We were met by James when we got there. After concluding with a Tonto's Demise, the group headed to the Lion's Den. Jeremy and Katie met us there. After consuming many more beverages, Matt had to walk Rob home.


The morning got off to a slow start. Matt, Rob, Chris and Jeremy headed to Warrior's Mark for some sporting clays and trap shooting. Wind was definitely a factor. Rich and Janelle were setting up their camper when we arrived back at the lot.

Official Stats
Guests: 40
RVs @ the tailgate: 0
RVs in the overnight lot: 2
Dance team members 5
CDT Interviews: 1
Fan of the game: 1
Temple grads at the tailgate: 1
Temple fans: 0

After setting up camp, we hung out for a while, drank some beers before grilling up some chicken and heading down to the Skeller for the evening. Katie, Jeremy and Michelle met us at the Skeller where we definitely enjoyed a few Three Olives drinks, since they were only $2.50. We called it a night around 1, but before heading home, we hit up Brothers for some pizza.


Chalupa was surfing on top of the wagon as Rob, Chris and Matt headed over to Mad and Suz's tailgate with the wagon and DBC. They were stopped by many tailgaters for photo opportunities, including Holly, who Rob met last week while tailgating with Smitty. Rich and Janelle show up a little later, ready to enjoy the festivities.

There was lots of food, beverages and fun like always. The tailgaters next to us just so happened to be the parents of a dance team member. After the game, her and her friends preformed some dance routines for the other tailgaters in the area. Matt, Rob, Rich and Chris all got their pictures taken with them. They were in THA heaven.
Penn State Temple
22 13

After the game, Rob got interviewed by the CDT. It is a local newspaper, who was looking for the fan of the game. Katie was friends with the reporter and set it up. Rob was interview and he even got his picture taken with Chalupa. After a few more hours of hanging out, we decided to pack it in and head back to the RV lot to relax and hang out more.

Several friends came back to our tailgate to look at the Bama tailgate picture slideshow. Some other tailgaters from across the isle from us, really enjoyed some of those pictures and shouted there thought. It wasn't too long, until we called it a night.


We all packed up and headed home around 10. It was a very successful mini tailgate that will be remembered.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

2010 Temple Equipment list
Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 2



Official quote:


It’s time for our first real away tailgate and what better game to travel to than a game against the defending national champions. This trip was a year in the making. I had originally decided to make the trip to Tuscaloosa when I lived in Knoxville, a mere 5.5 hour drive.

Matt, Jess B, and I met at Matt’s house on Wednesday night to hitch up and load the camper. We decided to take Matt’s camper with my truck to see just how the Big Deez (Diesel) would tow through the mountains of West Virginia. Rich had originally planned to make the drive with us, but had a work commitment, so he had to fly. We were also being joined by Matt F with his RV from Lexington.

In the week leading up to the tailgate, I kept getting more emails from others saying that they were going. The Bama tailgate went from a small tailgate to a big one.

Overall, this was a trip of a lifetime. We definitely brought our “A-team” to Tuscaloosa. I hope Happy Valley is as welcoming to Tide Fans as they were to us. Any Alabama fan is welcome at our tailgate next year.


We left Matt’s house at 0530 EST and drove through PA into WV, VA, TN, GA and finally Alabama. We even had to change time zones when we reached Alabama. I drove for the majority of the time and Matt filled in from Wytheville, VA for about 5 hours.

During the drive, we discussed our goals for the weekend:

  • Be back at the camper on Sunday morning
  • Don’t end up in the hospital or jail
  • Don’t punch each other

We drove 14 hours total (13 hours drive time) with only 3 stops. The first 2 stops were for fuel and the last stop was in Hoover, AL. Getting tickets for this game was tough. I bought 2 pair tickets from thru ticketliquidtor.com about a month prior to gameday. Both were told when we leaving, but each set came from a different seller, big red tickets and “ticket provider, LLC”. Big Red Tickets was super communicative, and emailed me to confirm when I was leaving for the game. Ticket Provider didn’t send anything. On Tuesday, I received the first set of tickets. I decided to call the ticket provider and their number was disconnected. I thought, “Great, I just got scammed.” A quick call to ticketliquidator.com got me the correct phone number, but they said that my tickets wouldn’t arrive until Thursday morning. I said “not good enough, I’m leaving Wednesday night, as I mentioned when I bought the tickets.”

“Just give us the address of where you’re staying and we’ll send them there,” they replied

“Ummm, I’m staying in an RV in a parking lot. There is no address.”

The conversation digressed from there.

After calling Matt, he suggested that we send our tickets to the Penn State Alumni Chapter president for Alabama. I got his number and called “Buck” Paolone. Buck said that it would no problem to get our tickets and he could meet us at the Alumni tailgate on Saturday before the game. It turned out that the tickets arrived before we passed his house on the way to Tuscaloosa. We met Buck and his dog, Snooki, and got our tickets.

We also got some bad news. Due to equipment failures, Rich was stuck working the weekend in California and unable to make it.

We arrived at 6:30 PM CST and set up the camper. The intelligent parking systems attendants showed us to our parking spot and were very friendly. We did our first test run with the new generator box, but it needs some work. We ended up boiling the gasoline in the boat tank. Yikes. We shut down the generators before heading to the bar.

We took a lap around town and stopped in the loudest bar in town called “Rhythm and Brews”. We met a bunch of fun people at the bar and the Bama fans were so friendly. They just kept coming up to us and talking. Brandi and Stefani were chatting with us most of the night. The Auburn girl wanted to dance with me, but mainly to annoy her husband. We quickly got tired of her. The guy with the Penn State socks was fascinated with Jess B, until he got himself kicked out. The band, 95 reasons, was playing and they were good.

After R&B closed, we ventured down the street to Kennedy’s bar. Jess ended up on stage for a bit and gave a We Are Penn State using the lead singers microphone. There was also a girl with an inappropriately short skirt. She had to pull it down, because her assets were hanging out. It wasn’t long before they closed and Jess walked out with a beer. During the short walk back to the camper, I sat on a discarded couch section that was wet and rode the BMX bike that was near our parking spot.

Friday events

I woke up at 9:30 and started the generators to get the AC going after moving the fuel tank out of the box. It was already in the 80’s and climbing.

Jess and Matt woke up later. Rachel arrived was able to park right next to us.
Official Stats
Guests: 19
RVs: 2
Roundtrip miles: 1600
Camper accidents witnessed: 1
Nights closing down the bar: 3
Game attendance: 101,821

Matt F arrived with his RV with his Dad, Erwin, and Brian slightly after noon. After setting things up and building his “Kentucky exhaust stack,” he suggested that we go to Dreamland BBQ before it got too crowded. We all piled into my truck and headed out there. There were 7 of us which was too many to fit into the cab and we didn’t want to take 2 vehicles. So Erwin and Dan hopped in the truck bed . The place was located in what seemed like a residential neighborhood. We all got a good laugh at the intersection of Jug factory Road and Jug Factory Lane. Once there, we were all seated on the patio, which was entirely filled with Penn Staters. This place was interesting because they did not have menus. You pretty much ordered a rack of ribs or you didn’t eat. The ribs were delicious with a glazing of sweet mustard sauce. Once the food arrived, talking quickly stopped as we all devoured ribs.

On the way back to RV, we saw a truck with a ½ car on a flat bed trailer. The guy didn’t even have turn signals, so he had his arm out the window to let us know that he was turning.

More of our tailgating neighbors were starting to arrive now, including a set with a jumbo tailgating chair. It could sit overtop of Jess’s mini princess chair. Jess B made us Creamsicle drinks, using the new acquired whipped cream flavored vodka.

Steve and Tiffany and Jeremy arrived in town, but didn’t make it over to us because they were staying in Birmingham for the night.

After drinking at the camper until well after dark, but it was still hot outside. We went back to Rhythm and Brews. This time there was a country band: Reckless. New friends for the evening introduced us to the electric bullfrog and sweet tart shots. People started signing Rob’s shirt. We caught up with Stefani again at Top Shelf and brought her and her roommates back to R&B. The lead singer was playing behind the bar at one point. Jess ended up with the band’s sticker, “We Are Reckless”,across her shirt. Everyone continued to sign Rob’s shirt until the entire back was covered. Matt got his picture on the band’s website.

After closing down the bar at 3:00am, we walked back with the PSU guy from 2 campers down. Matt and Jess stayed out until after 4 with them. I fell asleep on the floor of the camper for a bit before heading to bed.

Saturday events

It’s finally game day. The heat and humidity continued again today as everyone slowly rolled out of bed. Jess failed to follow the most important drinking rule, Hydrate or Die, and was the last one to roll out of the camper.

Jeremy, his brother Roland, Brother-in-law Kevin and Jason from State College were the first of the day of game to arrive. He brought the jack and I got a picture of it with Jess, who was still in bed. Jeremy took a “shower” in the fountain near the river. Steve and Tiffany show up around 10.

Jason Y, his brother Mark and Bill joined us too. People were trying to stay cool while watching the OSU vs. Miami game. Bill G and his friend Jim surprised me by showing up unannounced. I didn’t figure anyone would make the trip without telling me in advance.

We wasted no time getting to the good stuff. Matt turned on the deep fryer for breakfast. I filled in as the tailgate waiter and passed out everything. We had Jalapeño poppers, cheese sticks, buffalo chicken sticks, catfish filets, pierogies. I also made Show-me pulled pork. Tiffany made pasta salad. Wynn came over from the Bama tailgate and we stuffed his face with food. Matt Fegley’s dad did an excellent job making the catfish filets.

Matt and I took a walk around the RV lot later to check out some of the other tailgates. We stopped at the Fountain, the dock for the Bama belle, and watching the guys trying to rescue a stuck rope swing from a tree near the river.

Other than the oppressive heat and humidity, we were blessed with great weather for the weekend. The only dent in the otherwise perfectly sunny weather was a huge but brief rain storm that lasted for about an hour.

After the rain died, we walked up to the strip and bought some shots glasses. The quad was crazy with a solid sea of tents. It was time to head into the game. We got to our seats about 30 minutes before game time. Bobby Bowden was in town for a book signing, so they had him out of the field with Paterno before the game. The fans were super nice to us.
Penn State Alabama
3 24

The game was a little rough to watch. Bama played a great game and simply overpowered us. A mistake free game would have been necessary to even stay close, but the turn-overs in the red zone really hurt us. A lone field goal gave us our only points. After the game, we slowly made our way back the tailgate. The strip was overflowing with people at places like Big bad wolf BBQ nachos and the hounds tooth. We took PBR photos on an elephant statue.

We cooked up the rest of the pulled pork and made some chicken back at the tailgate. Matt and I were too wired to sleep at midnight, so we headed out yet again for Downtown. Downtown is the strip of bars only 2 blocks from the RV. We started out at The Filling Station, but the band broke a guitar string, so we ended up at R&B again. When we got home after the bars closed, Jess and Rachel were still up talking. Matt got a shower and we hit the hay. us.

Sunday Events

We got up at 6 AM and started packing for the ride home. Pops was the only one woke when rolled out at 0730. I drove the first leg of the trip.

We stopped in Alabama to dump tanks and top off on fuel. We stopped again in Knoxville to get fuel. We also met up briefly with Chad and Ashley, who gave me back my SCUBA tanks (long story). It was Matt’s turn to drive.

I was hoping for an uneventful ride, but we got quite a shake up. We were on I-77 in West Virginia, between the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel and the East River Mountain Tunnel. Matt was driving at the time while I was typing this newsletter and looking over our pictures. We were passed by a white Ford with a golf cart in the bed towing a travel trailer. He was going too fast as the trailer swayed very noticeably back and forth. After he had past us, we noticed that the spare tire on his bumper was just a rim and blown out rubber. Clearly, his driving style had already caused him problem during his trip. We joked, “we should stay away from that guy” and let him pass.

Just about a mile after we exited the East River Mountain Tunnel, we all saw a large white object tumbling down the road in both lanes ahead of us. Debris was flying off and Matt had to break hard to get to a stop. The swaying camper had lost control and hit the guardrail, flipping both his camper and truck on their sides a mere 5 cars in front of us. The golf cart went flying too, but landed on its wheels. Propane tanks were lying on the road. I reached across the cab and turned on our 4 way flashers.

Other passers-by stopped and helped the passenger out of the cab while we watched. I attempted to call 911 to get help, but there was no signal. I used the CB to warn others, as the accident would quickly back up traffic into the tunnel. We decided to go around the downed camper and continue on our way as more than 8 people were already helping to get the driver out of the cab. I could see their dog still moving around the sideways cab too.

We were all a bit shaken up for quite a while afterwards. We were very lucky that this didn’t happen in the tunnel or we wouldn’t have escaped this wreck unscathed. The remainder of the drive was uneventful. We finally arrived at Matt’s house around 10:45 PM. Rob then drove 1 hour back to Cranberry and Jess drove 6 hours back to Philly.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Lessons learned from this trip

  1. When ordering tickets to be shipped, tell them that you are leaving much earlier than you really are. Don’t count on the seller to read your instructions or be proactive.
  2. If you see someone driving unsafely (especially while towing), give them extra space even if it means slowing down. Their unsafe driving could ruin your day or your life. Its also unsafe to ride in a trailer, even when it is legal.

Away game: Planning for the @ Bama Tailgate
The Bama tailgate is by special invite only due to space limitations.

2010 Bama equipment list on Google Documents
Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VII Issue 1

BWW 10


Official quote:

"Please don't flick your bean"

Once again we had another awesome weekend of events including great weather for the tailgate.

Friday events

The team, Rob, Matt, Kori, Ma and Pa McArdle, Kevin, Rich, Nell, Jess, Mad, Suz, and Mandy, arrived at the Walmart on North Atherton around 6:30pm. Mocha, Eddie, Paisley and Mac were also part of the BWW tailgating crew this year.
Official Stats
Guests: 60
RVs: 4
tricycles: 2

We gathered at Kori and Matt's camper to eat pasta, bread and salad to discuss the evening and plan for Saturday morning. Carter and Lauren dropped by to visit us. After dinner, we tried to catch a bus downtown to the Darkhorse, but when that fell through, we all decided to walk to Champs for a few beverages. Jess hiked downtown to meet up with Fluck, Rob, Mandy and Jeremy.

Saturday events

The early bird tailgating crew met at 7:30am at the Walmart. Convoy of 4 RV's and 3 vehicles proceeded to the stadium. As we turned into the parking lot we all grew nervous about the parking situation hoping that we did not have the angry parking attendants that we had for BWW09. To our surprise the parking attendants said it was first come, first serve and that we could park any where we wanted and however we wanted. Rich parked his camper up hill of the tailgate and all the other vehicles followed. Matt, Kori and his parents parked their RV across from our spot, while Rob parked his RV at the end of the row. We were set up pretty quick and the grills were fired up.

Jamie, Kyle and Aidan were able to make it up to the tailgate too. This was a new record for our tailgate. Our first baby. We had an abundance of food as always. There were sausage and peppers, burgers, loaded baked potato dip, chips, various desserts, muffins and of course all the deep fried goodness.
Blue White
17 3

Later in the evening, some tailgaters thought it would be wise to ride the Tricycles down the parking lot.

We started packing up the tailgate around 5:00 due to not being able to continue drinking. The majority of the crew stayed behind and continued to drink anyway. The others decided to head downtown to continue the drinking festivities and watch the Penguins game. We finally called it quits around 1 am.


We all woke up around 9ish and began the intense cleanup and packing up of all the stuff. We all headed out by 11:00.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

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