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No in person games this season





  1. New since 2009: the equipment list is on Google documents (link above). The document is stored online and anyone can edit the sheet to sign up for items youself. Click below for a brief introduction to Google documents
  2. If you're unsure of how to use it or what items that we need the most, email Rob
  3. If you've never signed up for items before, also put your email address with your name.
  4. An equipment list is provided so that all necessary items arrive at the tailgate and so that items are not needlessly duplicated.
  5. Current students need not bring anything to the tailgate.
  6. If you'd like to help, but don't want to carry stuff, there are some options:
    • Sign up for a case of beer that I pick up before the tailgate.
    • donate via paypal.
    • Donate via the tip jar at the tailgate.
  7. If you signed up an item, but then are not coming/can't bring it, please let someone know beforehand.
  8. Write your name on your gear (especially coolers and chairs).
  9. Don't bring valuables to tailgate or if you do, please keep track of them.

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