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2009 Newsletters: Too County Pounderfest BWW09
Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VI Issue 3

Too Country


Official quote:

"Everyone loves the back door"

The crew was ready for our final big tailgating weekend of the 2009 PSU Football Season. We had four RV's and a few old PSU tailgating friends who were able to make this trek. Kevin McArdle was able to make it this time, since he was finally finished with his US Marshall license. RR Chad had made it with his girlfriend as well. They were our fourth RV. We had quite the set up. A toys for tots collection was also part of the tailgate. With all the planning complete we were ready to get a move on.


The crew, Janelle, Rich, Kori, Matt, Tim, Kevin, Rob, Chris, RR Chad and his girlfriend, all arrived at SAM's club around 4:45. Since we were playing OSU, we know that we have to arrive a little early so we could get a great spot in the RV lot. One we all arrived, we proceeded to the RV lot. Jessaymn called us to let us know that they opened the gate to enter the lot an hour early due to the amount of people already waiting to get in. We didn't get our usual spot in the first row, but we had a good one considering the amount of RV's that were already there when we pulled up.
Official Stats
Guests: 55
RVs: 4
bacon explosions: 2

As soon as we were all parked and unhitched, we set up some of our gear before heading to town. We arrived at the Darkhorse around 8:00 for our usual grub of Yings and Wings. It was extremely crowded and we left there around 11:30. Chris, Rich, and Rob decided to head to the Saloon while the rest of us headed back to camp.


We woke up around 9:00 and headed over to Kori and Matt's RV to make breakfast. The Fetcho's supplied the crew with pancakes, sausage links and cheesy potatoes. After breakfast, Rich, Chris, Kevin, Matt and Rob went clay bird shooting and hunting. Jess, Nell, Kori and Tim went flair shopping downtown. They also hit the farmers market and grabbed some homemade bread for that nights dinner.

The girls and Tim arrived back at camp and Carter was already there setting up his equipment. We started setting up the rest of our gear to claim our spot since the OSU guys were closing in on us quickly. We actually had to ask them to move off of our territory. Good thing we didnt' have to "Get Big". The guys finally returned from shooting and hunting. Kevin even got a grouse. It was put in Kori and Matt's freezer for enjoyment later.

Kori and Matt supplied us with dinner which included, Spaghetti, salad and bread sticks. Once dinner was over and everything cleaned up, we all headed to the BJC to was the Ralley in the Valley. As always, JoPa got the crowd all pumped up. After the show, we headed back to the RV to hang out. It was really cold, so we all hung around the fire pit.


Mad and Suz arrived around 8:00 and got things started. We ate a yummy breakfast: homemade donuts, bacon breakfast cups, birds nests, cookies and more sweets. Mad's parents were also able to show up.
Penn State Ohio State
7 24

Around 9:30 Rich put the Bacon Explosions on the smoker and Matt got the deep fryer ready for the turkey. Matt's aunt and Uncle also show up for their first PSU tailgating experience. They had the times of their lives.

The food spread consisted of: deep friend turkey's, cheese stixs, shrimp, poppers, pierogies, corn dogs and Oreos. We also had: a nacho bar, baked potato dip, chili, sausage soup, bacon explosions, corn chowder wit sweet potatoes, bacon cheese burgers, bratwurst with peppers and onions, spicy shrimp and much more. Like always, we had plenty of beer, water and hot spiked cider.

Around 8:00 Rich, Nell, Kori, Matt, Kevin and Chris headed into town to the Rathskeller to watch Giants of Science. The others stayed back at the tailgate. When we arrived back to the RV's, after the Rathskeller, all were sleeping. The rest of us headed to bed after a great night.


Some started the cleanup process around 7:30. The tailgate was a mess and it took about 3 hrs to finish up the entire cleanup. Most of the crew headed towards home around 10:30 while Rob showered up before making his trek back to Tennessee.

Our next meeting will be in April for Blue/White.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VI Issue 2



Official quote:

"Pound Me"

Our Yuengling themed tailgate got its start a long time ago. This year we celebrated the 180th anniversary of Yuengling by consuming 180 pounders. We were successful. We even got sponsored by Yuengling, who donated some items for our tailgate. We received two banners, bottle openers, coozies, pennant flags and blinking magnets.

We also have a new edition to the PSU Tailgating Crew. Kori and Matt brought their "daughter" Paisley. She fit right in.


It was time to take our show on the road. We rallied at the Sams Club at 5:00 on Thursday Night. The crew, Janelle, Rich, Kori, Matt, Tim, Ma and Pa McArdle, Rob, Puddy and NEIL! headed out to the RV lot around 5:30. We had to wait in line to get in. We were RV's 5-9.

Once we got into the lot, we set up camp and headed to the Darkhorse for Yungs and Wings around 8:45. We watched the Steelers beat the Titans, which made the majority of the crew extremely happy.

While at the Darkhorse, Jeremy met up with us. We hung out, drank beers and witnessed some girls sitting in a booth, drinking liquor and munching on lettuce leaves. That was the highlight of the night. It was the joke of the entire weekend. We left the bar around 1:30, stopped at College Pizza, road the pig and headed back home.


We woke up to the sound of rain. What fun that was while we finished setting up the rest of the canopies. Once our camp was complete, we headed downtown for flair. We hit the usual spots, Family Clothesline, SBS and McClannahans. Once all flair was purchased, we headed to one of the best places on Earth in State College: The Creamery. We enjoyed it's yummy goodness before heading out in the rain for the trek home.

Around 2:00 we grilled up some lunch and we were praying that the rain would eventually stop. Well, it stopped, but not until 7:30 that night. Some of us decided to hang at the campers and take it easy so we would be well rested for the big tailgate. Others decided to head into town to meet up with friends. Around 8:30, Mandy and Tom arrived to drop off some things for the next day. They hung around for a few hours before calling it a night. By 10:30, Rob was already on his 3rd water. At least he followed one of the many Diesel Tailgating Rules: Hydrate or Die. Way to go Rob. After a few more hours of drinking and hanging with good friends, we called it a night.
Official Stats
Guests: 45
RVs: 5


Our day has finally arrived. Mad and Suz got to camp around 7:45 and began setting up their belongings. Breakfast was finally served. It included: Bacon, Homemade donuts, courtesy of Robs donut maker, along with other assorted sweets and breakfast burritos. Beer, of course, was the beverage of choice. It wasn't just any beer, it was Yuengling Pounders (16oz). The goal was to drink 180 of them to help celebrate their 180th Anniversary.

Jessamyn's parents made it up for the game, as well as Rich's dad, Rich. Chad and Greg also made it up. They wouldn't have missed pounderfest for nothing. Beers were being consumed quickly. We were well on our way to hit that 180 mark. Our lunch and dinner menu consisted of: Deep fried pickles, bacon, cheese stixs, perogies, poppers, shrimp, pizza rolls, turkey, wings and onion wings. We also had: Bacon Cheese Burgers, Sausage and Peppers, Pepperoni Roll, Antipasto Skewers, Sausage Rolls, Bacon and Tomato Cups and Pigs in a Blanket.
Penn State Syracuse
28 7

As always, our tailgating neighbors were amazed at out set up and all the food and flair we have. We invited them over for some of our yummy goodness. We always have enough to share. We hung out with some Syracuse fans. They were very grateful for us letting them hang out. They were also amazed at our setup and the amount of food and beverages that we have.

By the end of the night, we definitely hit the 180 pounders we wanted to . We even made a banner, using only 180 cans, in the shape of a 180. It was pretty amazing.


People started waking up around 8:00 and the clean up process began. Around 10:00, everyone was almost packed up and some even were are their way home. We finished gathering all the trash from the weekend and set it aside for the garbage crew. We were still there when they got to our spot. THis is what they had to say " We got a doosie over here" That is how we like it. We know we all had a great time and the maximum amount of food ad beverages were consumed.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume VI Issue 1

BWW '09

bww 09

Official quote:

"U.S.S. Awesome"

Know your tailgaters:
Grill Master - Rich, Chris, Nick Fry Master - Matt Team Amazing - Mad and Suz Editor-in-chief- Janelle
Beer Runner - Tim Token Mexican - Ricardo Jello Shot Maker - Jamie
Once again we had another awesome weekend of events including great weather for the tailgate. The only downfall is that we were missing our fearless leader, Rob who missed his first tailgate since the birth of the Diesel Tailgate.

Friday events

The team spent most of the night at The Lions Den out on the patio. We secured a nice location near the railing and various friends stopped by to join us. Once again the plan of taking it easy on a Friday night didn't work to well for some of us.

Saturday events

The early bird tailgating crew met at 7:30am at the Nittany Lion Inn. Convoy of 7 vehicles proceeded to the stadium. As we turned into the parking lot we all grew nervous about the parking situation hoping that we did not have the angry parking attendants that we had for BWW08. To our surprise the parking attendants said it was first come, first serve and that we could park any where we wanted and however we wanted. Rich parked his camper up hill of the tailgate and all the other vehicles followed. We were set up pretty quick and the grills were fired up.

We had an abundance of food as always. There were sausage and peppers, burgers, loaded baked potato dip, chips, various desserts, muffins and of course all the deep fried goodness. People were texting and sending pictures to Rob all day long reminding him that he was stuck in class. We didn't want him to feel too left out.
Official Stats
Guests: 60
RVs: 1
Wagon Accidents: 2

During the scrimmage an army of police were putting a stop to drinking. The police were invading the tailgates to make sure that no one was drinking during the game. They even went as far as pouring out beers that were sitting on tables. As always, Vaughn and his family showed up to party with us.

Later in the evening, some tailgaters thought it would be wise to ride Matt's wagon down the parking lot.

We started to pack up the tailgate around 11 pm and were out of there by 11:45. The only thing left behind was Rich's RV which was being picked up in the morning.

Blue White
16 21

Rich and Janelle picked up the RV around 8:00 a.m. and headed back home.

Our next tailgate will be Bomberfest: A celebration of Yunengling's 180th birthday. It's 9-12-2009. Rich worked hard to make sure that we'll be sponsored by Yuengling.

For the Glory,
-Janelle, Editor-in-chief

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