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Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 8

Michigan - Star Wars


Official quote:

"May the fork be with you"


I met at Grove City Outlets again and we had dinner at Primanti Bros after work before heading to State College. We stopped to drop stuff off with Mad and Suz around 9 PM. From there, we parked Chad’s RV in the lot northwest side of the RV Lot at around 10:30.

Chad’s RV battery was dead, so I offered to loan him one of boat batteries for the weekend. When we attempted to hook it up, we found out that it was about 2” wider than the battery compartment. Here’s what we ended up with…. With the battery hooked up, the heat went on.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of the hassles for the evening. About an hour later, we got an angry knock on the door that we didn’t answer. The Police stopped by a bit later. Chad calmly explained to them that since we were parked in with a row of Class C motor homes, we appeared to be sticking way out of the row. Chad’s buddy, Ed, from homecoming, was trying to hassle us again, but the police left and no one bothered us again.
Official Stats
Guests: 25

We walked around the lot and found more than a dozen empty spaces in the lot. There were also plenty of cars and tow vehicles parked inside the lot, but no one was bothering them. We’ll be parking elsewhere next season for games with just one RV.


The morning was unseasonably warm for the end of November. During the walk over to the tailgate, I stopped at Center County visitor both near gate E to pick up some buttons for the tailgate. I arrived at the tailgate to be greeted by a griddle full of cottage bacon.

The first order of the day was to unveil the new Grill shelf that I built since the Illinois game. This shelf was designed to hold 2 drinks or a glass of wine and well as spices and other cooking items from sliding around on the shelves that came with the grill.

Mad and Suz also gave me an extendable Fork and a Chewbacca coozie. We had Burnt Kielbasa and corn chowder over crab biscuits before it was time to go into the game. Marianne was dressed as a Hoth Princess Leia. The Dark Lord of the Sith waited until after the Whiteout to appear. There were quite a few fun koozies for the theme.

After the events of the terrorist attack in Paris, it was announced that stadium security would be heightened. People were anxious to get into the stadium early. When Chad and I left for the game, I accidentally left my ticket lanyard in Suz’s car. We were luckily able to get a hold of Suz after she’d made it through the screening, but not into the stadium. The screening wasn’t very invasive.

The noon white out wasn’t that impressive, either against the bright blue sky or the much more determined (and nationally ranked) visiting team. Michigan scored 1 touchdown every quarter, while the lion could only manage one field goal in the First quarter, a touchdown in the second and 2 field goals in the 4th. We lost 16 to 28.
Penn State Michigan
16 28

After the game, Darth Vader made an appearance. And we took the group photo. Team Love was there and they cut a special cake for their anniversary cake. Mad and Suz served up more galactic goodies, including: Ham Solo; Chilibacca; buffalo x-wings; sausage rolls and a variety of snacks and sweets;

The evening weather was warm enough that we were able to keep the canopy heated with only 1 of the 2 heaters. As the last tailgate of the season, we were able to finish off most of the food and drinks excess cargo didn’t need to be thrown in the trash compactor, when we finally called it a night.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 7

Illinois - Harry Potter



The Halloween weekend began when Chad and I met at Grove City to head to Penn State. We met Jessi at RV lot and set up RV with no problems from the staff. Since we were massively late, Jessi drives us to Eisenhower for band-o-rama. Unfortunately, we missed the first set.

It was over around 9:30 and we headed down to the saloon. It was really empty. Around the time Velveeta came on, the place was still pretty empty. The band was really into the Halloween spirit. Brent was dressed up as the phantom of the opera and bones went as where’s Waldo.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
RVs: 1

There were plenty of people in costume at the bar including power rangers and Stars wars guy. Obi Wan Kenobi and Kylo Ren also attempted to get into a light saber fight in the bar, but that wasn’t good idea (Also no one really knew who Kylo Ren was yet, because the Episode 7 wouldn’t be out for about 2 months).

We got Pizza at Canyon and admired the bravery of the girls who were wearing little more than underwear outside for a costume. God bless America.


We woke up to a cool day. Jessi and I headed over to the tailgate at 9. Mad, Suz, Larry and Carol were already set up and ready to go.

For this week’s Halloween tailgate, the theme was Harry Potter. Cari and Marianne arrive. The tables were decorated with Spider web table clothes over the Penn State.

We enjoyed a breakfast of cottage bacon and grilled pumpkin bread with cream cheese. Chad, Shawn, Shari and Nick joined us. Mad and Suz made some shredded beef with cheese over bread.

Holly stopped in and took our picture for Happy valley.com’s facebook page. It was quickly time to go into the noon game. Jessi, Marianne and I packed up our snacks for the game. I even took in a plate.

First quarter was very exciting with 2 touchdowns for the lions, but Joey Julius missed both PAT and got benched. In the 2nd quarter, the Illini still weren’t able to put down any points, but Tyler Davis made a field goal to make in 15-0 at the half

Half time, we got to see the “Glory” half time show again. Jessi, Marianne and I continued of stadium snack contest.
Snack plate OJ Beef

After half time, the lions really poured on the gas. We got a touchdown with a half-back pass to Hackenberg and then a field goal. The lead was extended in the forth quarter with 2 more Lion touchdowns, including a play where Saquan Barkley hurdled an Illini player. The opponent just couldn’t get it together. Final score 39-0.

Candy man stopped by our tailgate after the game. We had a delicious Potato soup before taking the group picture and singing happy birthday to Marianne.
Penn State Illinois
39 0

The crowd disappeared quickly and we turned on the heater. It actually wasn’t too bad. Everyone was really into Cheddar and sour cream chips as we sat around the heaters and talked.

We finally started to pack up around 9 and were the last ones to leave the lot at 9:30. It was warmer when we took the canopy down. We snapped a straggler photo and headed back to the RV to watch Temple/Notre dame in the RV.


Jessi went to the creamery, but an hour early the first time due to the time change. The weather was even nicer than yesterday.

We went to the all-sports museum gift shop and downtown for a little flair shopping before heading home.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 6

Homecoming '15


Official quote:

"Great Scott!"

The original idea for this tailgate occurred in 2012 with the following emails:
Subject: tailgate idea
From: Rob
To: Maddy
Date: 12-21-2012
I was watching Back to the future 2 last night. If we have a tailgate near Oct 21, 2015, could we do a back to the future theme? We could simultaneously do the 50's diner, wild west and the future all at the same time…

Subject: tailgate idea
From: Maddy
To: Rob
Date: 12-21-2012
Love it. Plan on it


Aliana and I arrived in State College at about 8:30 PM via RV to drop stuff off at Madeline's moms. Jessie was already hanging out with Maddy and Suz. We all checked out the progress of the house remodel.

From there, we parked the RV at Wal-mart and headed over to Otto's for a late dinner, but it turns out the kitchen was closed so we headed over to Champs for a late dinner and some drinks.

Chad arrived slightly after midnight in just enough time to sleep.


When I work up in the morning, there was a guy parked less than 6" in front of my bumper.
Official Stats
Guests: 40
RVs: 3

We took Jessi's car over to the Meat Lab. Since I wouldn't be up for another Friday morning this season, today was my annual Christmas shopping trip. I bought so much meat that the staff asked me "do you need help carrying this out?"

Once back at the Walmart, it was almost time to meet with Rich, and Nell. We drove over to Sam's club and met them at just after 11:30 to convoy into the RV lot.

The parking attendants in the lot were big jerks this time. They made us wait forever to park and then gave a huge hassle about leaving the trucks in our parking spots even though many others were doing exactly the same thing: we just happened to be there to harass.

Keegan-Michael Key was in town at the grand marshal for the parade and put out this spoof video that we all watched a handful of times.

We were almost ready to head downtown and the rain started. We all ended up in Rich and Nell's camper and frankly it was better than the bar. Rich made us balloon animals as we had plenty of drinks as the rain came down. Chad even joined in.

The rain stop and we headed to the parade, but the parade was late. We briefly caught up with the Greene's and the Olah's. We didn't feel like sticking around, so we went down to the Darkhorse for food. We took the bus home


In the morning, we had Mimosa's while packing up the tailgate wagon to head over to Green lot to start the back to the future tailgate. When we arrived, Suz was cooking farm house bacon and breakfast potatoes. It was a beautiful morning with sun and warm weather.

The canopies were decorated with 80's rock band Posters. I got into my doc brown costume. Almost immediate afterward, I got my picture taken by a CDT reporter who happened to be walking by. I made the Sunday paper, but only as a photo (See photo #6).

For lunch in our 80's diner, we had meatloaf meatballs and Chicken parmesan sliders. With a noon game time, it was quickly upon us to head into game.

Two U.S. Navy F-18C Hornets performed a flyover at the beginning of the game.

Penn State scored a touchdown first and then Indiana answered back with one of their own. Indiana attempted, but lost an onside kick in the 1st quarter. It was all downhill for them after that.
Penn State Indiana
29 7

The combined Blue band and Alumni band performed for halftime

Alaina left the game after halftime and got the dog to hang out at the tailgate.

For post game, we had Stuffing waffles and shredded chicken. These were a new creation that involved putting stuffing into a waffle iron. They were delicious.

We saw both President Barron and ex- president Spanier during the day. I said hi to Grahm Spanier. He gave me an odd look and kept moving. This was probably because I was still dressed up like Doc Brown.

The crowd at the tailgate was so big that we swarmed around all sides of Suz's car. People started playing Pigs before dark. After dark, we turned on the propane tank top Heater and played more pigs

Jessi and I were the last to head back to the RV lot with the wagon. As we left the lot, we passed a unique group: Shadow dancers. They were all standing in a line facing towards the exit of the lot and had some music playing.. The overhead lights cast a long shadow from each onto the pavement. When the first shadow dancer moved, the next person in the line attempted to make their shadow match. The rest of the walk home was uneventful.


We headed over to the Creamery to find a line before it opened. We waiting about 20 minutes to get some ice cream for the trip home. Cari and Marianne stopped at the RV to pick up some meat and then we headed downtown to do the flair shopping that we missed on Friday. The weather was great. We took the loop back to the RV lot and then headed for home.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 5

Army Tailgate


Official quote:

"You can’t be stopped, can you?"

We met Dave and Maggi in Cranberry at 4 and departed for State College via I-79 and 80. There was less delay due to road construction than last week. We arrived to a nearly full RV lot at just after 7:30. It started to sprinkle. We set up the RV’s in the 10th row and heated up some frozen wedding leftovers. We sat outside by the propane fireplace and enjoyed beers, dinner and some snacks. We were asked 3 separate times if our fireplace was propane by the lot staff before heading to bed.


We awoke to a steady rain. I finished loaded up the tailgating wagon and walked over to the tailgate with Dave and Maggi. Alaina went downtown with Shawn and Sherry and we left the dogs, warm and dry, in the RVs.

As we walked past a tailgate near the Stadium Drive West, a person remarked ‘you can’t be stopped, can you?” when they saw our tarp-covered wagon.
Official Stats
Guests: 15
RVs: 2

At the tailgate, the second canopy was set up and I added gutters to keep the rain out.

For breakfast, we sampled a Bacon/Sausage combo hot off of the grill.

This week’s movie theme was the movie Beerfest. To go with the theme, Maddy had a selection of American country music sung in German.

We were joined by Dan B. and friends, who were all appropriately dressed for the weather. They spent most of their time outside since they were already waterproof.

For lunch, we enjoyed a selection of Bratwurst and sauerkraut sandwiches that Dave and Maggi brought.

We took our group picture with the stadium in the background before heading into the stadium.

The Lions really struggled with Army. It wasn’t until nearly the end of regulation that a sack finally ended the very real possibility of an Army upset. The only first half points came from Army turnovers on this wet and sloppy day. Score 10-0.

During the second half, PSU kicked another 3 pointer before Army scored a touchdown. Score 13-7.

3 quick Hackenberg passes raised the lions to 20-7, but Army dominated the ground for the remainder of the second half and scored again, making it 20-14. Army was driving for another score, but a sack of their quarterback, A.J. Shurr, with less than a 1 minute and a half finally put the game away.
Penn State Army
20 14

After the victory, the both teams went to the north endzone to sing the Army alma mater and then headed to the south endzone to sing Penn State alma mater.

Post-game, we had delicious Pork & kraut and Bratwurst sliders.

Shawn, Sherry and Alaina finally made it to the tailgate after navigating the string of parking attendants and one-way streets. The rain eased up a bit as evening progressed. Suz hung up some decorative heart-shaped German cookies from her recent trip to Germany. As darkness descended, we played Pigs. This was the first time that Cari and Maryann were here to play. When it was finally time to pack up, it was only 7:30.

Once Back in the RV lot, Alaina and I hung out in Dave and Maggi’s camper before going to bed.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 4

San Diego State



I met Chad and Korie at Primanti Bros in Grove City after work. After eating and loading my gear, we left for State college. There were some minor tie-ups on 80 due to construction.

Once in State College, we dropped off the cooler with Madeline and Suz for tomorrow.
Official Stats
Guests: 15
RVs: 1

We parked the RV in the normal part of the overnight lot and headed downtown. When we arrived at the saloon, there was a short line. Shawn and Shari were 5 people in front of us. While it took a while to get inside, the place wasn't overly packed. The crowd, however, was a little older than normal. It seemed that the youngest person in the front row was over 50. We enjoyed 2 sets of Velveeta before headed up to Canyon pizza and heading home.


The morning was dry and sunny. The girls were set up early, and I was the 5th guest to arrive at about 10. Larry and Carol were already there. The Greens and Jessi arrived shortly before Team True Love. Nick showed up a bit later. Chad and Korie arrived slightly afterward. We were joined by Oz too.

The Chocolate themed tailgate for this weekend started with Chocolate brioche, crepes, Riesling chicken and noodles, and ham sandwiches. A few of us even took them into the game for a snack.

We also checked out a Fire truck a few RVs back from Smitty's tailgate. Check it out.

We chatted, enjoyed the food and beverages before closing it down to head into the game.

The San Diego State Aztec's were a lot more formidable than originally expected. They narrowed the lead to 6 points before a 4th quarter defensive touchdown finally opened it up.
Penn State San Diego State
37 21

After the game, we enjoy some burnt kielbasa and french onion soup with crouton. We played pigs for a while and I was on a hot streak before we finally decided to pack it up at 11:30.


Despite the forecast, Sunday was also dry. We made breakfast, pulled up the jacks and headed home.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 3



Official quote:

"How'd we end up down here?"

The first RV tailgate of the regular season started with promise: good weather, a “stripeout” and a night game. In the days before the tailgate, we found out that the RV lot had sold out. We ended up ordering day of game passes and later were offered an upgrade to overflow RV parking before we left.


Team Pittsburgh consisted of Alaina, me and Mom. We met after work and left for the evening. Unfortunately, I got a flat tire on the trailer on Route 22 just before Ebensburg. It was on the driver’s side, so I was worried about getting hit as I worked. I changed it quickly as it got dark. We drove to Sam’s club in Altoona. We walked around Walmart for a while then went to bed.


In the morning, we got breakfast at McDonald’s and left Wal-mart to visit Horseshoe curve before we joined the rest of the convoy. Only a truck and a small crane drove past the curve while we were in the viewing area. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay long before it was time to leave. We met Rich, Janelle, Nathan and Jessi in State College at Sam’s Club at a few minutes after 11 and headed over the RV lot.

When we arrived at the RV shed, the lot was only half full, but we were told that it was all pre-sold. We were directed in the gulley at the corner of the lot near fox hollow and orchard. They didn’t tell us what to do, so we parked however we wanted. It took me a while to convince Rich that this was OK. We parked the RV with doors facing and the trucks still attached in our own row. No other RVs were parked in this area after us.
Official Stats
Guests: 30
RVs: 2
kids: 5
cotton candy: 12

We set up the RVs in the afternoon heat. After this, Jess gave me a lift to find a replacement spare tire at Bastian Tire, beer and lunch at wings over State College. Meanwhile in the RV lot, Nathan turned on the bathtub and ran all of Rich and Janelle’s fresh water into their grey tank. Rich and Rob used a spare water container to put 15 gallons back into Rich’s RV. Matt and Kara dropped by for a little bit.

In the afternoon, Janelle met and introduced us to the neighbors with the tiki bar. We shared some drinks with them and got nicknames like Kevin, Dublin and VIP. Rich brought along some Paterno Beer Beers, which tasted like beer.

By evening, the RV lot filled up completely full and there were dozens and dozens of RVs parked in lot 20 and 21 (between the overnight lot and Park Avenue. Mad and Suz drop by to drop stuff off.


It was a long day. Around 0800, it was very sunny then clouds rolled in. Mimosas were poured with breakfast. We set up 3 of our canopies before cars got parked in the lot above us. This gave us a ton of room to spread out and our canopies were surrounded by the neighbors tailgating games.

The Fluck’s and the McArdle’s arrived and baby jail was set up for Nathan, Amelia, Gage, and Colt.

Around 1000, we were joined by Mad and Suz. They brought blue and white cotton candy which was strung up on my RV’s awning.

The weather changed to sunny as guests continued to arrive. We grilled sausage and pepper sandwiches and burnt kielbasa for lunch. On the Deep fryer, we made corn dogs, Oreos, fries, pierogies, and fish bites. Rich and I hooked up to the satellite dish at a neighbors RV.
Penn State Rutgers
28 3

As the evening approached, it was finally time to head to the stadium. Even before the stadium was full, it was apparent that stripeout was working. Fans had indeed showed up wearing appropriate attire to paint Beaver Stadium in bands of blue and white.

Fireworks exploded out of the scoreboards as the time stormed onto the field at the beginning of the game.

The night was warm, but rain started in the 2nd quarter and continued until the end of the game. Penn State pulled away from Rutgers early to make it 28-3 victory over Rutgers. They even took a gigapixel photo.

When we returned from the game, everything was packed up. Jessi, my mom and I sat on the coolers outside for a while to settle down and discuss this exciting game before going to bed.


As most of the pack up was done the night before. It was easy to get home quickly.

See everyone again next week for San Diego State.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Dirty Alumni Tailgating Newsletter Volume XII Issue 1

Blue White Weekend '15


Official quote:

"Coach Franklin stopped by our tailgate"


This was Rich and Janelle’s first game with new Grey Wolf RV.

Rob and Alaina arrived at Sam’s club on around 5 PM to meeting with Rich, Janelle, Nathan and Jamie. The normal parking lot was under construction, so we met around back. Maybe it was the construction or maybe it was the pending parking changes for next year, but there were “No overnight RV parking” signs everywhere.

After a few minutes, we headed to the overnight RV lot. When we got there, the lot Attendant apologized in advance for next season. She said that it wasn’t their decision and they asked the guy who made the decision for the change to stay there and apologize to people. We got good spots side by side and set up our gear with plenty of daylight. Jessi, nick and Cari stopped by to pick up stuff for tomorrow’s tailgate. Then we grilled dinner at the RV and I baked stuff for tomorrow.

After dark, I set up my new Projector TV and we watched movies on the side of Rich’s RV. Around 10:30, an unmarked police cruiser pulled up next to our tailgate. Even though we were doing nothing wrong, my mind instantly leapt to think was what we could be possibly have been wrong. Before I had time to say anything, a man in a suit jumped out. He said “Hi guys,” and ran around the front of the car. Some other guys in suits got out of the car and headed over to the tailgate two rows over.

“Was that Coach Franklin?” I said. Rich, Jamie and I got up and walked over to the other tailgate. It was Coach Franklin and he was over talking to some of the other tailgaters.

Coach came over and shook hands with Jamie, “Hi, I’m James” and he didn’t let go until she said her name. He shook our hands, petted Chalupa and thanked us for coming. All of us were too shocked to think about taking a picture with him.

We returned to our tailgate to finish the movie and then called it a night.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
RVs: 2


Saturday morning was a tale of two cities to start. It was a bright, sunny morning. At the RV lot, Janelle made Stuffin muffins and we had mimosa's.

The car convoy started from Wal-mart and headed towards the lot. During setup, there was a minor problem with the grill, so I attempted to wheel Rich's Coleman grill from the RV lot to the stadium lot. About half way over, the wheel fell off. I pulled it a few hundred more yards on one wheel before giving up. I walked the rest of the way to the tailgate to enlist some help. Jessi and Madeline ended up grabbing the grill, leaving me to carry the detached wheel. I was glad to have some help.

Our tailgate was set up in a line and we had three canopies for shade. The day continued to get hotter as more guests arrived.

For lunch we had various grilled foods and a nacho bar. We discussed the idea of having movie themes for all of the tailgates next year. We were already planned to have a back to the future theme to correspond with the date of the "future" from the 1985 original movie.

Thanks to Cari, we had a visit from Stephon Morris, a former Nittany Lion.

The game started a bit later than usual at 4 PM. It was attended by 68,000 people for the 3rd largest attendance in the country.
Blue White
17 7

Later in the evening, we tested out a new side of 4 side walls for one of canopies. This will help in the winter to keep the cold out. We finally packed up over in the day lot and the remaining stragglers joined us over in the RV lot.


It was another nice day while we packed up. We went out for breakfast at IHOP and then went downtown for some flair shopping before heading home.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

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