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2019 Tailgates: Rutgers Indiana Michigan Purdue @Maryland Pitt Idaho BWW planning info
Tailgating Newsletter Volume XVI Issue V

Purdue Homecoming

Alaina and I left Pittsburgh Thursday night in rain and met Rich, Nell, and Nate at Home Depot and parked in the front of the RV lot at 9:30 PM. This was our first (and only) trip with the wooden RV stairs, after our incident coming home from Pitt weekend. They were much sturdier than the originals. We sat outside and had drinks in the warm weather before calling it a night.


Rich and I headed over to the Meat lab, but didnít see our friends from our last trip. Once back at the RVs, we set up the canopies for tomorrow. We drove out to Suz's and got lunch at Champs. Next, we headed to 814 cidery, which was only OK. We walked to Creamery and then back to the RV lot for dinner. Rick, the pig guys, stopped out to visit and drop off some beer for tomorrow.
Official Stats
Guests: 35
RVs: 2
The evening was super cold and windy. My RV awning began to peel off in large sheets. Chad got into town late.


We woke up to a much colder morning at 39 degrees, when we rolled out of bed at 7:40 AM. Condensation was raining off of the canopy as the morning sunshine warmed up the landscape. We enjoyed a breakfast scramble and were visited by Mike and Amanda and Matt and Jess. It was quickly Game time. Penn State scored no points in the 2 and 3 quarters, but still sailed past Purdue for 35-7 final. This was Nateís first (non-BWW) game. Post game, everyone came out to the RV lot. We were joined by Bill, Rick, Maddy, Suz, Cari, Mare, Marjea, Larry, Carol, Eric, Bri, Scott, Michelle, Elizabeth, Chris and his Mom. Jamie gave us some help with the deep fryer. The afternoon was windy at times. For our annual oktoberfest tailgate, we enjoyed Maddyís pretzel ham sandwiches and porky kraut. We made a massive freedom Fries and tater tots bar, with all kinds of toppings. After experiencing the crab fries in Maryland,I created Nittany Lion fries which were topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauces, cheddar cheese, bacon, and sour cream.
Penn State Purdue
35 7
We also had Wings. It was much warmer than Friday night. SOme of the crew went to volleyball. Our Late night crew stayed up until after midnight then got some well deserved sleep


It was another non-eventful Pack up. Suz stopped out to the RV lot take stuff home and we were out by 11. There was on and off rain on the way home, but no incidents.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XVI Issue IV



Official quote:

"Itíd be nice to be 35-0 at half time."

This away game was Penn stateís 2nd Friday night game since the big 10 announced that they would be having some games on Friday nights. Penn state, Ohio State and Michigan said that they would not host a Friday night game, but would play if another school hosted. Our travels began when we left Chad's house at 7 PM on Thursday. We took I-70 to PA-43 to US-40 to I-68 and stopped at the sideling hill for the night.setup


The next day, we arrived at 11:30 am at Cherry Hill Campground. Alaina and I stayed there previously during our summer camping trip to Washington, DC in 2016. There were lots of other Penn Staters staying at the campground, which also had a game day shuttle to UM campus if we needed it. This was Chad's first time in a campground with his RV, which normally only goes boondocking. We had lunch at Mamma Lucia pizzeria up the road. Pre-game

Around 2:30, Cari Margea and Deana arrived at the campground. Jessamyn arrives a short while later and we head over to UM campus and lot 11b. We set up our tailgate on the wooded edge of the lot in the warm afternoon sun.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
cars: 3
inflatable stadiums: 1
RVs: 1

By 3 PM, our 3 car setup with canopies was complete, because we definitely needed Shade.

Speaking of shade, we received plenty from the Maryland fans all day. It started when the Maryland fans tailgating next to us would not shake our hands for the Big Ten network camera crew and poor sportsmanship continued until halftime. While we didnít have a grill at the tailgate, we enjoyed Shrimp cocktail, wings, and wraps. Chad V arrived via the metro and mentioned his sonís YouTube channel. We took a group photo and packed up at 7 PM.

The group left our tailgate and we walked across campus to game and got stuck in a log jam of people at a foot bridge. Once in the stadium, It was amazing to see that Penn Staters made up 40% of the evening crowd. PSU fans were in all white and Maryland fans were in black attire: A classic good vs. evil game.

The lion struck paydirt quickly with 2 touchdowns in the first 3 minutes. Maryland fans are silent. There was more noise from PSU fans on defense than from the Maryland fans.

Chad said, ďItíd be nice to be 35-0 at half time.Ēhalf time

We ended up 38-0 at halftime and the entire Maryland student section left. I sampled some of the famous Crab fries. Penn State kept on the gas and got 2 more touchdowns in the 2nd half with the second string. We blanked Maryland 59-0. We celebrated with our alma mater post game and walked out with the pep band. We headed back to cars and were back to the RV by 12:30 AM on a warm fall night.
Penn State Maryland
59 0
View from Washtington monument


With gameday over, we had an entire day to visit the capitol. We took the metro to the national mall. We started the day at the Washington monument and even out to go up in the recently re-opened monument. Other highlights from the day include:
  • WWII memorial
  • Vietnam wall.
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Korean war Memorial
  • MLK Memorial
  • FDR Memorial
  • Lunch at the food trucks
  • Air and space museum
  • Capital building exterior
  • White House Exterior
Then we took the Metro back home after a long day of walking. Back at the RV, we watched hateful 8 and called it a night.


We made breakfast before packing up and leaving Maryland.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XVI Issue III


For the first time in quite a few years, we had Thursday arrival in the RV lot after meeting Rich, Nell and Nathtan at Home Depot. Much to our surprise, the fee was only $80 rather than the $120 that we were expecting. We parked at 9 PM on pasture way and Aisle A near light tower and porta johns. We enjoyed some evening beverages under Rich's canopy before calling it a night.


It was a cool fall day. Rich and I headed over to the Meat lab. While we waited, we ended up having beers with Suzy and her girlfriends. They had packed some beverages for the wait. Great ideas!

After dropping off our meat purchases at the RVs., the group walked to Lion surplus and the Penn State bakery. Both turned out to be a bust. Surplus didn't have anything good and the Bakery doesnt have a showroom. We caught the campus shuttle nearby with a very angry driver and got a ride downtown to Federal taphouse for lunch.
Official Stats
Guests: 35
RVs: 3
Matt got into town in the afternoon and meet us at the creamery. We all walked back to rv and enjoyed drinks at the RVs. Chad arrives later in the evening and we called it a night.


Suz got a new car and this was its first time in the tailgate lot. It was a slow start for the RV crew. The day lots opened at 6:30. This season marks 15th years of joint tailgates and 115 tailgate in the lots.

During the week beforehand, Maddy was posting photos from our past 15 years on facebook.

The game started late due to a rain delay (the first at home that I can remember). Maybe 25% of fans were in the stadium when they announced it, so many of us just went back to the tailgate. It was a brief rain and the game started about 45 minutes late. We were all startled when a guy fell through one of the canopy sides. At first, we thought he was trying to catch a football, but it turns out that he was really drunk.

The rain was occasionally through the game.

We played PIGS post game and enjoyed a taco bar that we didn't have time to set up pre-game.

Things were folded up around 8 and I headed back to rv. When I got back, everyone was Drinking with neighbors and they were playing the radio. Everything was Packed up at midnight
Penn State Pitt
17 10
Folks were annoyed again by the new traffic pattern.


The trip home was almost uneventful. About 5 miles after getting on the turnpike, we lost an entire rear trailer wheel. Luckily, state farm was there to help. We were back on our way in an 1:30, albeit sans trailer

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XVI Issue II


Mom and I left beaver county on Friday at 5pm. We Dropped off a cooler at Suzs and then headed to a very full RV lot. We were directed to aisle F at the far East side of the lot. After setup and a quick Walk around the lot. It was time for sleep.


It was time to tailgate for our carribean themed tailgate PSU vs Idaho. 79 to 7! my old RA friend Chad from Pinchot hall stopped by to say hi. For breakfast, we sampled :
  • Corn waffles with pulled pork and fried eggs
  • mimosas
  • pineapple chutney
  • guava puff pastries
  • bacon
Official Stats
Guests: 25
RVs: 1
They had big Fancy name straws for the girls. Chulapa slept in a chair in the sunshine. Joe Jonas was at the game and we saw him got by the tailgate in a golf cart. Nick and I visited Smitty and sampled some Peanut butter porter. We played Day pigs and enjoyed the strawberry lemonade natty ice that eric brough. We had a Low country boil before game time. Total blow out at game time. Post game, we nibbled on Jerk wings, beef pockets, Key lime pie and macaroons. Ended at 9pm. Nice temps, no rain.
Penn State Idaho
79 7


So MUCH WALKING FROM rv lot to arboretum. then Berkley creamery . We moved the RV to Suzís street after lunch. Then Vvisited with Shawn and Sherri at Suzís.. We went to Dinner at Gigis and then early to bed. Big rain over ngith.


For Labor day, we went for a walk in Millbrook marsh park with Suz. Left at 11:42 am and no issues on the ride home

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XVI Issue I

BWW 19

As happens sometimes, blue white weekend was a week early this year due to Easter falling on the 3rd weekend of April. It was a wet and rainy ride on the way into Happy Valley, it was especially foggy around the town of Summit. The 4 RVs met at home depot just before 8 PM on Friday evening: Rich & Nell, Larry & Tiny, Matt & Kori and Alaina & I.

Since the RV lot was being parked back to front again, we ended up on RV west 1st with no one in front of us. Jeremy Miller stopped by on his way back from the gym. Alaina and I ordered Uncle chen's for dinner. The group enjoyed drinks and snacks in Rich & Nellís camper. Rich decided to use me as a teaching buddy for slow dancing. Kori and the rest of us were singing along to ďa star is bornĒ soundtrack. We finally went to bed around 1.
Blue White
24 7


Rich and Matt drove over to Suzís house to join the car convoy and were parked in the first row West of press box spot 1436. Jeremy found us again before I texted him. Mandy also surprised us by being able to make it back from WV. Just like last year, it was beautiful weather for a spring game. We enjoyed many fan favorites during the day including:
  • Bacon
  • Sausage gravy and biscuit via Cari on the grill
  • Turkey club
  • Pierogies casserole
  • Cheesesteak dip
  • Mac and cheese
Our tailgate neighbors across the aisle were singing and doing shots on the top of each hour. A group of new tailgating were uphill from us and asking me all kinds of questions about how we keep everything organized and everyone together over the years.

During Game time coach Franklin awarded a Scholarship for touchdown. There was plenty of talk about the Star wars trailer for the last jedi. We also reviewed Maddy's tailgate notebook to discuss past tailgate favorites for the upcoming season.

The group packed up around 6 and I walked back to RV lot. We had lasagna and I got Cooler marinara due to leaking sauce bottle on the walk back.
Official Stats
Guests: 35
RVs: 2
It was a Beautiful evening, but some poor kid got yelled at by rich because so many Kids were walking through our site.


Rich and Nell went to creamery and we went Home early due to a pending storm.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

2019 Tailgate schedule
Date Game Game time Size Arrival Day Theme Equipment
Stuff to bring
general link
driver info
general link
Where to find us
general link
Aug 31 Idaho 3:30 PM Car Saturday Caribbean (shrimp boil) Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Sept 7 Buffalo 7:30 PM Car Saturday Southern France Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Sept 14 Pitt Noon Car Saturday Fiesta Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Friday, Sept 27 At Maryland 8:00 PM RV Friday TBA Email Rob for info RV College Park, MD
Oct 5 Purdue Noon RV Saturday Obtoberfest Email Rob for info Driver info ORV Lot
Oct 19 Michigan TBA RV Saturday Tour of PA Email Rob for info - ORV lot
Nov 16 Indiana TBA Car Saturday British Invasion (retro pub) Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
Nov 30 Rutgers TBA Car Saturday Star Wars Email Rob for info - spot 2533-2534 GPS 40.809950, -77.857897
TBA Big 10 Championship TBA Car Saturday Email Rob for info - Indianapolis, IN

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