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2023 Tailgates:Rutgers Michigan Indiana UMass @NW Iowa Delaware WVU Blue/White
Season Summary: 2023 was a 10-2 season and we faced-off against Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl Bowl and lost 25-38 on Dec 30, 2023. We eneded the season ranked no.10 in the AP Poll. New parking spots 4125. The two losses were to Ohio State and Michigan, (ranked 7 and 1 at the end of the regular season) and many were calling for Franklin's head for the oustanding streak of losses to OSU (2016) and Michgan (2020).
Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue viii


Earlier in the week, I found out that one of the photos that I submitted for the Franco Mosaic was accepted.


The last game of the season was a planned housegate, so no RV this weekend. Chad met me and we drove up with the car in the rain and went straight to Volleyball. We stopped at Red Robin in Altoona for dinner. We missed the 1st set but won the next 3 against MSU for senior day. After the game, we went to Suz’s house and got settled for the weekend. Jessi and Paul were still up. Larry went to bed when we got there.
Official Stats
Guests: 15
RVs: 0


The morning included a breakfast bake and cottage bacon. Today's theme was a PSU pajama party, so no need to get dressed today. We had a morning white elephant gift exchange before game time. There were 2 cars that made it over to Beaver Stadium. Larry stayed with us in the late car. Penn State didn’t really pull ahead until the 4th quarter. After we made our way back, we had nachos and a 2nd gift exchange. I enjoyed a Bourbon slush. Chad and Toby went back to campus to see Volleyball in the evening.


Today was the annual “put everything away” day and help Suz get ready to start decorating for Christmas decorating. We cleaned up and moved all the tailgating gear from the garage to the basement. I fixed a bad burner on the griddle and turned off the water to the outside spigot that I turned on for Delaware to refill the RV’s fresh water. We all took leftover food home. I’m sad that the season is over, but it was another great time with friends. See everyone for BWW in the spring.
Penn State Rutgers
27 6

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue vii


The Michigan football video scandal broke earlier in the week. We hoped that this might derail the Michigan winning train, but sadly, it would not.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
RVs: 1


Chad met me at my place. We took my RV and ended up parking in Row 3 east. We went to Volleyball and they won in 3 sets. We went downtown for Dean’s chicken and then Cafe 210 for Velveeta. All of the youngsters were using their phones for requests, rather than yelling them out. After that, we headed to Bill Pickle’s and then Canyon Pizza. Unlike last time, we were back at 2:32 AM.


Today was our greatest hits tailgate. I missed stuffin’ muffins for breakfast It was a noon game, so it was quickly time to go into the stadium. Post game, we enjoyed many of our greatest hits, such as:
  • Pierogies
  • Beef Brisket
  • Wings
  • French onion soup
We ate everything in the food cooler, except the kielbasa and a bottle ranch dressing.
Penn State Michigan
15 24
It was pitch black when we packed up at 6 PM. Chad went to volleyball again, and I drove over to Suz’s. We had the last of the greatest hits: Mexican shepherd's pie.


When we woke up to dead batteries in the RV due to the low temperature. After using the truck to get the slide outs retracted, we headed home. After cleaning up and winterizing, I drove the RV to the dealer for some scheduled maintenance.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue vi




It was a very warm week for late October, and in the 70’s all week.

Chad drove up to my house and we took my RV, after the mishap on the way to Chicago.

It started to rain and we drove through it until Ebensburg. It’s the time of year, when it’s dark super early, and the ride sucked until the rain stopped.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
RVs: 1

We got to Suz’s around 8 and dropped off the cooler, chairs and some food leftover from Chicago. We got to the RV lot and pulled into row 3 east with no issues. We quickly set up the RV and headed downtown to DP dough for dinner. Halloween costumes were out everywhere.

We went to a not-crowded Cafe 210 to see Velveeta and got there for the 2nd and 3rd sets. Afterwards, we went to Bill Pickles for another drink and Chad was talking to a cute Dunkin’ Donuts girl. Afterwards, we headed to Canyon Pizza and ended up with 3 slices each because they were out of breadsticks. After a very long walk, we ended up back at the RV at 4:09 AM.


It was another warm day. I got a slow start and made it over to the tailgate around 9 AM.

This was an Italian theme and a noon kick off for Military appreciation week.

There was a Dual EC-130 flyover.

The weather was odd. It was raining lightly. Enough that it was raining, but not enough that you needed any rain gear, like it did in Wisconsin in 2021. Nothing happened at all in the game until 5 minutes left in the 4th when we finally pulled ahead. Indiana always seems to linger with us until the end.

We saw Scott and Elizabeth on the way back to the tailgate.

This was the first game for the new aluminum cups.
Penn State Indiana
33 24

We were joined by Dennis and Lisa. Carter also made an appearance and brought his parents too.

We had mini chicken parmesan sandwiches on homemade rolls and sausage scallopini.

The group packed up around 7 and we headed back to the RV lot.

We watched Waiting and Supertroopers and called it an early night.


It was a much colder and rainy day. I’m glad we didn’t set up anything. We picked up the cooler from Suz and were home by 3.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue V

@ Northwestern


Official quote:

"Was that Sean Clifford?"

Our away game plans got changed with the schedule revamp last year, but more people opted to come with us. The schedule originally had Northwestern and Illinois away back to back weekends. We were planning to take a week off and visit both Moline, Illinois (home of John Deere) and Peoria, Illinois (home of Caterpillar). Unfortunately, the new teams added to the conference caused a schedule change, which removed this epic road trip from our schedule. We decided to keep the Northwestern trip on the books.


For late September, the weather was excellent after some initial rain on the first day. It was in the 80s and sunny all weekend.

I met Chad at his house and we left at 1:30 PM, just as the rain started. We stopped for a late lunch at the Waffle house in Niles. We were in rain most of the way across the Ohio turnpike. I didn't miss the Indiana border crossing unlike the last trip across Ohio on the way to Wisconsin.
Official Stats
Guests: 15
RVs: 1
former QB sightings: 1
We had a group text going where I messaged as we crossed state lines and as everyone else’s flights arrived at O’hare.

We arrived in Chicago and took the RV along Lake Shore Drive for the view.

When we arrived in Evanston, we ended up parked on the street next to Ryan Field after asking a police officer. We ate some pepperoni rolls in the camper and went to bed


We ubered into Chicago and went to the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum was so big that we ended up having lunch at Museum. Some key highlights were the U-505 U-boat and coal mine exhibits.

We ubered back to Evanston and got stuck in traffic.

Northwestern’s RV lot was supposed to open at 4 PM, but it was still full of cars. We tailgated with the 9 other Penn State RVs that arrived until we were able to get parked around 6 pm in a lot that was still largely still filled with cars.

We had some beers in the parking lot and unfortunately noticed a very bent spring shackle on Chad’s RV. We attempted to find someone to look at it before the weekend really started, but didn’t have any luck. We got a Chicago deep dish at Lou Malanati’s and came back and partied with the neighbors before calling it a night.


The tailgate started at 8 AM on a bright and sunny day. Everyone arrived and brought Bennison’s cinnamon rolls and chocolate pastries. We enjoyed catching up from the previous day's activities before heading towards the alumni tailgate. Unfortunately, after backtracking from the bus stop, we saw the Nittany Lion and cheerleaders headed into the stadium, so we opted to turn around.

Ryan field was even more underwhelming on the inside. With a capacity of only 47K, it was maybe half full and a very large percentage of those were Penn Stater’s. Eric and I attempted to buy beer in the stadium, which I was told was a thing. Apparently it’s only in 1 specific area that was on the other side of the stadium. It wasn’t worth the walk.

We enjoyed sitting together, and very much looked forward to when our seats came into the shade around half time. The Lions didn’t fair well in the first half either. They fumbled on the opening kick off and lead to an initial 3 point lead for the wildcats. At the half, it was tied 10-10.

We saw Nena, her husband Ryan and son, Payton. In the second half, the Lions finally poured on the gas and left the wildcats behind. The stadium was disappointingly empty.

Eric thought that he saw Sean Clifford in the stands and he was right.

Post game, we caught the shuttle back to the RV lot and enjoyed the very meaty Rueben dip, ribs and brats that were leftover from our oktoberfest tailgate.

We learned about the Football bowling game with the neighbors. You take turns trying to knock down 10 bowling pins on a platform by throwing a football at them. It’s really hard.

Around 8, the downtown crew headed back home and we spent some time watching the Duke Notre Dame game with Eric, Dan and the neighbors next door. We were one of the 4 Rv’s that spent the night.

Chad found a nearby welding shop that could make the repairs for us to get home but not until Monday, so now we’ve got at least an extra day in Chicago.


In the morning, we finished putting away the last few things and made a slow move at about 25 mph to Franklin Park to find the weld shop.

We were able to park in their back lot for the night and unhitch. It was right next to the train tracks. This will come to haunt me later.

Determined to make the best of it, we unhitched and drove to the end of the Metro green line to downtown. We walked around downtown and grabbed lunch at the Original Billy Goat Tavern (on the lower level). We took a Wendella river and lake cruise to see the sights of Chicago and what should have been a 1.5 hour tour was almost 3 hours with lock delays.

We walked out to Navy pier and then dinner at Harry Carey’s and then back to the Green line. Our train was delayed due to police activity and we had to get off. They said that they were sending a bus, but we were forgotten for about 45 minutes. We got back on the train and were home at 10 PM.

I was awakened about once an hour by the trains passing behind us. It was really terrifying and the whole camper shook when they passed.
Penn State Northwestern
41 13


Suburban weld shop opened at 7 and they got us right in and started on the repairs.

We had breakfast at Lulu Bella’s pancake house.

We went into Oak Park and walked past many of the Frank Llyod Wright homes before touring his house and first studio. We headed back to the weld shop around 12:30, but they were not finished yet.

We set up some chairs in their back parking lot and waited for the RV to be fixed.

They were done around 3 and we took off for home right into Chicago rush hour.

It’s an 8 hour day drive and we lost an hour for the time change.

We got back to Chad’s around 12:30 AM and I finally made it home around 1:35 AM.

It was a long trip, but we made it back safely.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue iv




Rich and Nell had just bought a new camper from the hershey RV show on wednesday and packed it up to meet us on Thursday.

3D walkthrough

We met at 8 at home depot. Alaina and I arrived with Tucker at 8:20 PM.

The RV lot attendants were super helpful and accommodating to allow us to park awning to awning in RV Row 1. We skipped westward a few spaces to get a more level part of the lot. They asked the neighbors across the road to move his truck so that Rich could park his super long rig.

We spent the evening in their fancy new RV. We got a tour and I got to hang out in the loft in Nate’s room. Tucker and Leia had fun playing together.

Nate popped out of his room to tell us all to be quiet before we called it a night.


It was a foggy morning that gave way to a beautiful day. Rich and I tailgated the Meat Lab, but Rich forgot one of the chairs that he brought for us. We saw the girls who introduced us to tailgate the meat lab while we were in line. Later in the week, the meat lab sent out an email about how to stand in line.
On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 1:37 PM, the Meat Lab wrote:

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! The holidays are right around the corner and we are gearing up for gift boxes, ham orders, and stock piling a lot of processed meat products for you gifting needs. Our customers are very important to us and we want everyone to have a great and fun experience when they come to the sale.

Over the past few months we have had a few not so pleasant moments with customer conflicts. These conflicts have been related to where an individual is in line. During COVID we had to keep people in their cars to create separation. Post covid some people show up early and wait in their car then someone pulls into the lot, gets in line on the sidewalk. This is where the problem begins. I do not have an abundance of employees available to patrol the parking lot, hand out numbers, or keep an eye on who is next.

Starting this week, Friday December 1st I have decided to implement new guidelines to help prevent conflicts. The line will form on the sidewalk starting at the front sales room door. This will be the order that we wait on individuals. If you choose to wait in your car that is fine. Remember the customer order is based on what position you are in line. NOT when you pull into the parking lot.

As an example:

-John pulls in the parking lot at 7am, John decides to sit in his car.

-Bob pulls in the parking lot at 9am, gets out of his car and gets in line, he is the first person physically standing in line.

-John continues to sit in his car.

-Bob will be the first person waited on.

-John can join the line at any time but will be waited on based on his position in line. NOT when he pulled into the parking lot.

When we open the door to start the sale please stay in line. Continue the line toward the sales counter do not wander thru the sales area.

All of us look forward to seeing you and serving you. We want this to be a great experience for everyone. I hope by implementing this procedure it solves this problem and makes attending the sale a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Thank you, Glenn Myers

After we got back and stored our purchases, Rich let me drive his new truck downtown and we got lunch at Federal Taphouse. No stoned waiter this time, but the grill was down. We walked all over a very busy downtown looking for a new collar for Tucker and saw Toby at work. We stopped to get Gas and ice and I fell out of the truck when I stepped into a pothole.

We set up canopies and I made a run over to Suz’s to pick up some chairs and beer for tomorrow.

Rich and I set up the satellite dish on my roof since his camper doesn’t have a ladder yet.

We grilled out our meat lab purchases for dinner.

We attempted to play “kids against maturity” before going to bed.
Official Stats
Guests: 25
RVs: 1
Puppies: 2


We woke up to rain and it would stay that way for the next 2 days. Rich, Nell, Alaina and I had to set up a tent city to city to keep nature at bay.

Matt, Kori and the boys joined us around 9 and the boys made us breakfast sandwiches on the grill.

The Jimmy Koehler memorial tent was set up with others and the sides in an L shape to keep the wind out. I added gutters between the canopies and then was able to be outside in just a t-shirt.

Everyone joined us after 10:30 and we turned the heat on for a bit.

We made burger sliders, mexican corn dip, beer cheese dip, buffalo chicken dip and wings

We also had ribs and reuben dip in the cooler, but those got saved for next week.

We made fries, mozzarella sticks in the air fryer and will use the air fryers again at a tailgate.

Jeremy and Heather visited with Skylar and they brought Tucker a new dog blanket.

Tucker wanted to stay outside even though it was cold. Toby finally got to meet him.
Penn State Iowa
31 0

Chad arrived and Galen stopped over, then we took the group photo.

I got a new PSU necklace from a vendor walking through the lot. My mom said that I looked like a white Flavor Flav.

Chad, Galen and I headed into the game around 6:30 and it was still raining.

It rained through the whole game. In spite of the weather, the Lions really stuck it to the hawkeyes the whole game.

It was the first time of the season that Chad and I were able to find any stadium mugs after the game

The blue band didn’t play a post game show.


It was still raining Sunday morning during pack up and everything was soaked.

I sent Chad home with chairs and a cooler for next week.

It took until Tuesday to get everything dried out from the weekend.

When it was time to go home, the motorhome in front of us had already left, so it was easy to hitch up.

My awning looked pretty rough and was holding water between the separate layers. It's time to order a replacement.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue iii



Official quote:

"I looked out my window all week and thought it was snowing"

Jimmy Buffet passed away on 9-1-2023, and we decided to re-tool this island themed tailgate as a memorial for the king of the parrotheads.


I drove with Mom and Clair to Suz’s to pick up the RV that she was kind enough to let me leave in her driveway all week. It was parked in her driveway just outside of her office window. “I looked out my window all week and thought it was snowing.” because of the white roof of the RV. We parked in RV lot row 6 west near the RV shed. The RV lot was really full for a non-conference opponent.
Official Stats
Guests: 20
RVs: 1


In the morning, we enjoy mimosa’s and a margaritas bar. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and right now, that’s here. All contingency plans pointed to going home early today due to the threat of rain. For food, we enjoyed:
  • French toast bake in the morning.
  • fresh fruit
  • Chicken skewers
  • cheesy potatoes
  • cheeseburger dip
  • A baked feta that we didn't eat
  • snacks after the game.
There was no rain during the game.

Post game, Storms were threatening from the north and we had a crazy fast pack up around 4:30 to stay out of the rain. I headed back to the RV and stayed there until the rain passed.

I drove over to Suz’s house later. I dropped Nick off at the Penn Stater and took the crazy shortcut from there back to the RV lot that included a gravel road and a one-way tunnel under 322.
Penn State Delaware
63 7


We packed up and headed home with the RV back to Western PA. Looked like rain again, but it held off.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue ii



Official quote:

"Suzanne is friend not food"

It’s been a while since I’ve been in town for the home opener, 2019, in fact.
Official Stats
Guests: 25
RVs: 1
Puppies: 1


For the 1st game of the season, I drove to State College in the morning with Tucker and the RV. Shawn and Aliana headed to Rich and Nell’s house. Once in State College, I dropped off a cooler at Maddy’s house due to roadwork on Suz’s street.

I parked in Rv lot row 4 west. I set up solo then spent time walking Tucker around the RV lot and we hung out in the RV for a while.

Tucker and I caught an Uber to Suz’s. It was his first Uber ride and he did well riding with a stranger. We had pepperoni pizza without pepperoni (Thanks Weis) for dinner.

Tucker was a little bitey with Suzanne. “Suzanne is friend not food”

We caught an Uber back to the RV lot.


This was the first game in a new grass parking spot for this season 4125 and 3 other nearby spots across from the Visitor center on Park Ave. They are just across the street from the Ag Arena.

Setup and breakfast started around 9 AM. Suz slipped on the wet grass, but she was OK. We surprised her with special decorations for her recent Graduation. For our opponents, we had plenty of different varieties of pepperoni rolls. The following folks joined us during this hot summer day:

Tucker was a good dog sitting with different folks for his first regular season game and the first time he actually got to stay on the ground. (it rained for BWW 23).

During pack up, Jess’s phone goes missing. It was inadvertently packed up with a bag chair.

The game was a big win for PSU.

WVU band brought their band.

This was the first game with 2 new announcers since Dean was let go. They are going to take some getting used to.

There was no post game concert since it was a night game. We walked back to the RV.
Penn State WVU
38 15


Tucker was licking Chad’s head to get him up.

We made breakfast in the RV.

We packed up and Suz was kind enough to let me leave the RV at her house until the next weekend.

I drove to Allentown with Tucker and Chad and Arland headed home.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Tailgating Newsletter Volume XX Issue i

Blue White Game 23


Official quote:

"This is something Chad would eat"

The first game of the 2023 season started with some changes. Alaina and I welcomed a new Chihuahua puppy named Tucker into our home in March. This would be his first game.

A winter storm in January knocked down the power and cable lines at the end of our dead end street. They were repaired enough for passenger vehicles to pass underneath, but not high enough for my RV to pass below without hitting the roof AC and scratching the roof coating. I’d been calling Comcast since the week after the storm and warned them about what would happen in April.
Official Stats
Guests: 30
Puppies: 1
RVs: 3

The first week of April came around and it still wasn’t fixed, so I made a very long wooden pole to hold up the line while the RV passed safely underneath and this would be the first time that I needed to use it.


Alaina and I left home at noon. I had to prop up the cable line and safely passed underneath.

We dropped Zoe off at Alaia’s parents house for the weekend.

This was Tucker’s first tailgate and first long road trip. He got sick in the truck from eating too many veggie straws, but luckily, that was his only incident.

We met the Fetcho’s and Kori got done with Jury Duty and the Mcardle’s joined us to park at 3 PM.

We were parked in RV row 3 and had so much room for activities. Since we didn’t have to set up a tailgate.

The boys had popsicles and played with Tucker outside. He didn’t like his dog pen.

We made dinner on the grill in the RV lot.

Tucker did not want to sleep in his crate in the living room, so we ended up putting his crate at the foot of the bed.


The morning meetup spot was the Nittany Lion Inn. Shari is there at 7:30, Rich, Matt and I are 3 minutes behind. Even though it wasn’t supposed to open until 8, Lot 18 wass already open at 7:37. The other lots were still closed.

We were parked in spot 1544. It started to rain just as we pulled in. We set up the 10x10 and 10x20 quickly and moved them out of the aisle.

Breakfast was sausage gravy and biscuit casserole. “This is something Chad would eat” remarked many. Alaina and Nell brought Tucker and Nate over after we were set up.

This week’s theme was Italian food and pepperoni roses for Franco Harris, who passed away in December.

There was also a special performance of Robby-hana when I made Shrimp fried rice on the griddle. This was something that I started making from scratch over the winter.
Blue White
10 0

The weather got a bit better in the afternoon, but Tucker spent most of his first tailgate being held by Alaina or I.


Mcardle’s left early, then the Fetcho’s left and we rolled out around 10.

Some asked me, so I wanted to post some info here. I made the custom buttons for Chalupa’s memorial tailgate from Imprint: 50 of 2 1/2 Inch Round Custom Buttons.

For the Glory,
-Rob, Tailgating Coordinator

Planning Info


2023 Tailgate schedule (updated)
Date Game Game time Size Arrival Day Theme Equipment
Stuff to bring
general link
driver info
general link
Where to find us
general link
Apr 15, 2023 Blue White 2 PM Car Sat Franco Memorial Email Rob for info - Stadium Lot
Sept 2, 2023 WVU 7:30 PM Car Sat Retro 80's Email Rob for info - 4125 and 4126
Sept 9, 2023 Delaware Noon Car Sat Jimmy Buffet Email Rob for info - 4125 and 4126
Sept 23, 2023 Iowa 7:30 PM RV Thursday Pub Fun Food list >RV Lot 19
Sept 30, 2023 @Northwestern noon RV Thursday Oktoberfest Email Rob for info TBD Evanston, IL
Oct 14, 2023 Umass (Homecoming) 3:30 PM Car Sat Seafood boil Email Rob for info - 4125 and 4126
Oct 28, 2023 Indiana TBA Car Sat Italian Email Rob for info - 4125 and 4126
Nov 11, 2023 Michigan noon Car Sat Greatest hits Email Rob for info - 4125 and 4126
Nov 18, 2023 Rutger noon Housegate Sat Slumber Party Email Rob for info - housegate
Dec 2, 2023 Big Ten Championship TBA Car Sat TBD Email Rob for info - Indianapolis

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