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AKA Redneck Chad.

As a long-time Ford PowerStroke Diesel owner, I am the second D in DDT.

Chad at DDT2

Tailgating duties: Breakfast, logistics planning and coordinating with Rob, other duties as needed. I bring my camper for the tailgates.

Graduated: Dec. 2002, B.S. Information Sciences and Technology

Residence: New Manchester, WV ... sadly, above the Mason-Dixon line, but Southern by the grace of God

Career: Deputy Sheriff in Hancock County ("home")

In my free time: Volunteer firefighter, part-time farmer, antique tractor collector

Number of PowerStroke diesels I currently own: 2

How I know people: Rob and I met at Penn State Beaver. I was an RA, and Rob and I were both Orientation leaders. He crashed in my room during Orientation Week, and became an RA shortly thereafter. Duck attended PSB with Rob and me, so I got to know him both through Rob and through my RA duties... Matt, Chris, and Kevin I met during tailgating.

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