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Maddy at HCW in 2006

AKA half of the tailgating team of 2 the Lion tailgate, Team Amazing Tailgaters

Our website: 2 The Lion

Tailgate function: Snacks and desserts, specialty drink and festive cakes. We have prepared everything from stovetop stuffing egg muffins to blue velvet lion's head cakes. Basically, we feed the masses in between the main meals

Graduated: yes - but before recorded time, and I've lost the stone tablets.

Currently resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Works:Madeline - Estates and Tax attorney at the Erb Law Firm, PC.

Hobbies other than Tailgating: tailgating and getting ready for tailgating? Seriously, Madeline loves to knit, watch just about any sport and is an avid blogger.

How I know everyone else: We met the Diesel Crew after PSU trounced michigan state in the last game of the 2004 season (DDT3). It had been a great day; we had packed up our own tailgate but we weren't quite ready to go home - we saw the Dieselers, and invited ourselves over. An electronic dialogue ensued in the off season, and the rest, well that's just tailgating history...

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