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Chris and Kara

Kara and Chris
Bama tailgate in 2011

Tailgating duties:Chris: Grillmaster/Terrorist beater
Kara: Medical Officer and Deep Fying helper
Chris and Kara tow the Roadrunner and bring Daisy and Harley with them.

Graduated: 2002 Mechanical Engineering, but if anyone asks I'm still a student.

Currently Resides: Manland Ct.

Works: EB, TPS report writer/bilge rat

When I'm not busy climbing all over nuclear submarines: I enjoy Skiing, shooting stuff, and sitting around doing nothing.

How I know everyone: I met RR when I first moved to manland through my friend Kris Lynch (who also tailgates with us once in a while), It was only a matter of time until I met McArdle since we were the only 2 people around that could be spotted wearing PSU, GM, and Camo flair at the same time. I think I met Duck when we were still tailgating out of the Mighty Sable (I almost can't believe how far we came). I'll never forget the first time I meet Redneck Chad. I would be willing to bet not many people forget the first time they meet him. haha

Git-R-Dun, FTK

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